Baking soda deodorant - natural antiperspirant

by Althea

Baking soda deodorant is a natural antiperspirant used to absorb sweating and neutralize odors.

There are two ways to use baking soda as a deodorant: baking soda by itself and baking soda with other ingredients added. There is a chance of irritation when baking soda is used by itself so make sure to test it on your inner arm. If there is irritation, don't use it; proceed if there is no irritation.

To use it as a deodorant, wet your armpits, pat dry them and apply baking soda with a wash cloth. You can also mix soda and cornstarch in equal amounts if you are experiencing irritation.

If you want a longer running or strong deodorant for excessive body odor, this will help. What you do is mix corn starch and baking soda of equal quantity in a bowl. Stir in 20 drops of tea tree oil. You can use this mixture in powder form like the talcum powders or place it in a deodorant stick. Leave it for a day and it will have better consistency and be sturdier.

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