Ur Irish Botanicals 100% Natural Irish Peat Face and Body Mask Review

This is not your ordinary mud mask...

As much as I love facial mask recipes and all the great scents and textures, I often like to get down and dirty with a good old mud face mask.

I didn't hesitate to accept the offer to review Ur Irish Botanicals 100% Natural Irish Peat Face and Body Mask. This product is not just "mud face mask," and the owners will point out that the superb quality of this mask is due to its main ingredient: peat.

Ur Irish Botanicals 100% Natural Irish Peat Face and Body Mask Review

I was not familiar with peat but as it turns out, it is a 100% organic substance consisting of sphagnum moss as well as flowers, leaves, seeds of heathers, grasses, sedges and occasionally root trees such as pine, oak, birch and yew. The peat is combined with filtered water to make this mask. This peat is imported from Ireland and as it turns out, its pH is 4-5 which suits all skin types; it has been used in Europe for treatment of dry skin, eczema and scalp problems.

My biggest concern about the mask was that it would smell musty and well, like mud. To my surprise, this mask has no odor. Absolutely none! The color is rich brown, almost like chocolate. To the touch, the mask is slightly grainy but smooth.

This mask is most effective when applied before a shower. I applied it and left it on for 4 minutes. It applies easily, it has a pasty consistency and I could just feel the subtle grains against my skin. As the mask dried, I could feel the face tighten which shows me that this mask is also an excellent astringent.

Sorry about the visual but I couldn't resist it :) If you are wondering why I look so puzzled, I'll tell you that I couldn't believe that I was going to share this embarrassing picture of myself. Oh, and sorry about the quality, I am NOT good at snapping pictures.

I washed off the mask with warm water and let the face dry. I didn't want to apply anything else on the face because I was curious to see how the skin would feel. I can say - smooth and moist. This was excellent as I just spent a couple hours out in the sun. This was also the first time that I have used such a mask and didn't have redness on my face.

This product is filled with natural ingredients such as humid acids, humin, fluvial acids, pectins, cellulose, lignins, wax, resins, magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium and chloride.

This product comes in a 4oz (113g) package and it sells for $39.99. Before the price turns you off, let me mention that this mask is both a facial and body mask and is good for 20 face or 1 body application. if you use it once a week, it will last you 5 months, a great deal if you ask me!

Negatives: none, really. This is a superb product and an awesome find.

Who is this product for?

This is truly ORGANIC. A lot of times, a label "organic" is used for products that are all but that. But this product is 100% natural and a great addition to skin care routine.

Who is this product not for?

If you are used to artificial scents, strong astringents and drying masks, this peat mask is not for you.

I am hooked! I plan on using this mask long after this review is posted and no, I will not scare you with photos of my subsequent beautifying sessions. You've been horrified enough! :)

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Although this is a sponsored review, I DO NOT review products that I don't think would benefit the visitors of this site. I have refused plenty of offers to review products that make a claim to be organic or natural. Those I do review, get thumbs up from me. I hope you enjoyed this review and give this product a try, you will love it!

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