A Hairy Situation

by Lorrie
(Cincinnati, Ohio)

I have a problem with ingrown hairs and infected follicles where more than one hair is present. Sometimes these phenomena coincide! :-)

Yesterday I found a black spot on my leg and knew it was an ingrown hair. I've taken to pulling them loose, but not out. This one was really freaky though; it had the normal black plug plus two long crimped hairs, one of which had a large bulb of puss on it. They both fell out as I tried to pull them loose. Those hairs must have been there for half the year, they were so long!

I find this latest skin issue very disturbing and am about ready to give up shaving my legs all together. I get folliculitis, generic razor burn, and now this. I have tried using an electric shaver because I thought my problems were caused by the disposable razor nicking my skin at the base of the hairs. I put a aloe/mint lotion on afterward which soothes the razor burn away, but I still get the black-plugged, ingrown hairs! Should I try waxing? Do I need to do more exfoliating than using a mesh shower sponge to clean with?

And what's with the multiple hairs in one follicle? They crop up in my torso and arms too, especially in follicles that have been distorted by stretch marks. I've counted up to six fine hairs in one follicle! They get infected a lot and turn into pimples or boils.

Maybe I should go for laser treatment? I am so fed up with my skin!

Hello Lorrie,

If you can afford laser treatment, it sounds like it would be your best bet. A good exfoliation treatment is the best way to get rid of and prevent ingrown hairs. But you must exfoliate Before removing the hair. Click on the link above to read more.

There are some tips as this link for Preventing Razor Burns.

Finally, try this Homemade Hair remover recipe and see if that doesn't help reduce the ingrown hair situation.

Hope this helps,

Biljana, Skin Care Recipes and Remedies Admin

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