Who is this avid skin care recipes collector? About me…

Thank you for your interest in finding out about me, the owner of www.skin-care-recipes-and-remedies.com!

I believe that an About me page is the hardest one to write. The purpose of this website is sharing skin care recipes and remedies I have collected over the years, promoting myself – not so much.

However, a few people wanted to know about me, so here are some random facts about me:



<- Looking serious, pensive… all professional, like a proud website owner.
Do you see now why I write about skin care? Apparently, I could use some tips myself! Hello dark circles! 🙂

  • My name is so difficult to pronounce that I am known as “B”. My name is Biljana by the way. Nice to meet you!
  • I am European.
  • I live in humid GA, USA where I need to use all the tips and recipes I have in order to save my skin from decaying. Or melting.
  • I am a college senior, graduating soon with a BS in Human Services/Psychology.
  • I am on the National Honor Society List. Go me!
  • Forensic psychology fascinates me. Everything about the human psyche or physical brain does.
  • I am a mom of a beautiful 5 year old girl.
  • I lie about my age.
  • I am a nerd. A proud one! (That is the reason you will find chemistry/biology references throughout this site.)
  • I own 5 websites; 2 I actively work on and 3 are just sad results of my enthusiasm.
  • In case you’re wondering what the second one is, I am talking about www.roditelj.com, the biggest parenting forum in Serbian language. Unless you are familiar with Slavic languages, don’t bother to click 🙂
  • When I started this website, I didn’t even know how to create a link. I decided to listen to my friend’s advice and use SITE BUILD IT! or SBI. SBI comes with all the right tools you need to build a good quality content website that does make money. To see the proof of what I am talking about, check out the page with SBI’s top websites, websites that are in top 1% of all sites on the Web (this one is under Health & Medicine).When I started 18 months ago, HTML looked scary! Look at me now, I am linking away!
  • Income from this website pays for my car and other miscellaneous expenses.

How do I do that?

  • I can sing opera.
  • I love these emoticons!
  • I am a
    Hey, they sent me a coffee mug last Christmas, gotta love them!
  • I check my email non-stop! Have.to.stop.checking.email.gotta.work!
  • I work with recovering addicts.
  • I underline words in the dictionary and read DSM IV for fun.
  • I use too many !s when I write.

I am sure there are a few more I could add, but I don’t want to scare you away! This is probably more than you ever cared to know! 🙂

Thanks again for checking this page out!

Special thanks to people who share their skin care recipes with us and Nili, our resident skin care expert who promptly replies to your questions!

If you have a question, comment, suggestion… drop me a line – remember, I check my email! 🙂