Acne breakout

by Beverly

I had suffered from acne since high school; used hydroperoxide products which was harsh on my skin; after, a general doctor prescribes 100 tetracycline tablets; the acne went; but the marks remain. try not to used any product on my face; but I have a few spots; with a tire dull complexion; what can you do to help me?

Dear Beverly,

When I get a little breakout, I use pure aloe vera applied with a cotton ball directly as a natural healing and drying agent. Vitamin E right from the capsule helps in fading scars from blemishes. Also eating lots of berries, carrots and greens pays off in inner and outer health. Try adding a bit of honey to your moisturizer or making a moisturizer with 2 part grape seed oil, 1 part honey, few drops pure water, drop in essential oil of orange which will give your facial skin a nice glow.


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Feb 28, 2010
by: ALLY

Help! I always had beatiful skin!But my kids are not so lucky they are going threw puberty!!!!!! i really need some stuff 4 senstive skin!!!!and for scares that will clear their skin and rid their scars!without damanging their skin@! i am so annoyed with acne on them! home remedies or acne stuff like proactive oh ya and black heads treament to anyyyyy thinggggggg plzzzzzz


Dec 16, 2007
Another tip
by: Admin

Hi Beverly,

I just posted a great antiseptic facial toner recipe that might help you. One has tea tree oil in it and another is based on aspirin. Both of these ingredients are great for acne breakout and clear the infection fast. I hope this helps,

Biljana, Admin

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