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Our readers' tips - Anti aging mask recipe

When you think of an anti aging mask, your first thought is probably that of a chemically filled, expensive mix in a fancy box. The thing is, there are plenty of simple ingredients that can be used together (or separately for that matter) that produce great results.

Here is an example of what I am talking about, a recipe sent to us by our reader dreamer that is based on 2 very common, simple ingredients.

And that is what skin care should be about: natural, simple and effective ingredients.

Honey fruit age defying mask


1 tsp of honey
A few drops of orange juice.


1.Mix the two together well.
2.Spread mixture over entire face even around the eyes and mouth.
3.Leave it on for 20 minutes if possible, then remove with lots of warm water and a pad of cotton wool.

*This mixture is specially good for mature skin and will put softness into younger skins which have been over dried by wind or sun.

*If used regularly it can stave off those fine lines that appear as we get older.

Thanks Dreamer!

Orange juice contains Vitamin C, one of the best anti-aging vitamins out there. Vitamin C enhances the production of collagen in the skin's deeper layers. Collagen provides for elastic and smooth skin.

Honey is a great antiseptic and cleanser of the skin.

You could also go with a few drops of apple juice. You can check out a great apple based anti wrinkle cream recipe.

Prevent skin aging cream recipe.

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