Banana Facial Mask

by Jehnna
(New Zealand)

Banana facial mask

Banana facial mask

This mask is great to moisturize the face and gives you a nice healthy glow and beautiful soft skin!

Simply mash a very ripe banana with about 2 tablespoons of honey (manuka is best) and spread over a clean face, leave the mask on for as long as possible and rub it around before you rinse it off.
That's it!

Tip: You may want to do this in the shower as it can be a bit messy.

Thanks for the recipe Jehnna!

Oh yes, banana is pretty much a staple when it comes to the preparation of natural skin care recipes.

It is easy to find, it is cheap and can be used for all kinds of recipe.

Usually recommended for normal skin type, it can be turned into a mask for any skin type. Add a bit of olive oil to it and you'll get a dry skin mask. Mix it with a strawberry, or some honey (like in your recipe), and there's a great mask for oily skin type.

It if full of potassium and vitamin A, natural emollients. As a whole, it can be used to help reduce puffiness and redness. This comes in handy when you are suffering with bug bites for example; just place some banana peel on the skin and change it occasionally.

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Oct 21, 2011
Good Anti-Aging Mask
by: symi

It is a good Anti-Aging mask. DO it for 3 times per week.

Sep 06, 2010
Re: Banana Facial Mask
by: Anonymous

A couple of times a week is a good number for any facial mask recipe. See what it does to the skin and if it is helping, just be consistent.

Hope this helps,

Biljana, admin

Sep 04, 2010
How often..
by: Bella

how often should you do this?

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