Best vitamins for healthy hair
8 vitamins essential for healthy hair

If you search for it, you will find a great deal of information on best vitamins for healthy hair. But, are we taking it to the extreme? Are all those nutrients really necessary? In reality, there are only 8 vitamins that are essential for healthy hair.

For hair to grow, nutrients are needed as other bodily functions require, and the best nutrients for healthy hair are vitamins.

best vitamins for healthy hair

Vitamins enhance the growth of hair follicles and ensure longevity. Numerous types of vitamins are beneficial for hair.

Below you will find comprehensive information about best vitamins for healthy hair and their purpose in hair growth.

1. Vitamin A Sources of vitamin A are cheese, milk, eggs, fish oil, meat, spinach, broccoli and lot more vegetables and fruits. Vitamin A is an anti-oxidant (destroys free radicals) and nourishes hair scalp into producing healthy sebum for shiny and healthy hair growth. It prevents flakiness, itching, and dryness. Have these food sources regularly in your diet and see the difference in the texture and growth percentage within weeks.

2. Vitamin E Sources of Vitamin E are wheat germ oil, vegetable oil, nuts, dried beans, green vegetables, and soybeans. Inclusion of Vitamin E in diet improves blood circulation in scalp. The scalp does not run dry and contains enough nutrition to keep the scalp well fed.

3. Vitamin C Sources of Vitamin C include pineapple, citrus fruits, green vegetables, tomatoes, strawberries, kale and a lot more fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C diet maintains the overall health of hair, elasticity and texture and has rejuvenating properties.

4. Vitamin B12 Sources of Vitamin B12 include milk products and poultry like chicken and fish. Basically, this vitamin helps prevent hair loss.

5. Vitamin B6 Like Vitamin B12, vitamin B6 also helps preventing hair loss and the sources of B12 include cereals, liver, yeast, meat, and egg yolk.

6. Inositol Sources of inositol include liver, grains, and citrus fruits, and this vitamin keeps hair follicles healthy.

7. Biotin Most hair health products in the market contain biotin nutrients such as egg yolk, liver, rice, banana, oatmeal, and whole grains. Biotin helps against premature hair ageing and hair loss. It makes the hair follicle healthy and nutrient rich.

8. Vitamin B3 Also called as niacin, its function is similar to Vitamin E as it does not let the scalp dry and improves scalp circulation. Its sources include turkey, meat, wheat germ, chicken, and fish.

The amount of vitamin suitable for hair also differs. 400 IU of Vitamin E, 5000 IU of Vitamin A and 60 mg of Vitamin C. Have multiple types of vitamins in your daily diet for consistent hair growth and health.

The above mentioned list of vitamins helps in curbing hair loss and induces hair growth by strengthening the roots and follicles. These vitamins are best consumed in natural form but in case, manufactured hair nutrient products are bought, see how much nutrient percentage does it contain to nourish your hair.

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