Skin boil home remedies - Treating boils on skin naturally

Skin boil home remedies are the first line of defense when it comes to this painful skin condition. Whether used separately or combined to make a homeopathic tonic, they reduce swelling, discomfort and clear out the infection.

A boil is a deep infection of a hair follicle. This results in a bumpy red, painful, swollen area on the skin that is tender and warm. The swollen area is an accumulation of dead tissue and pus. If there are several boils clustered together, they are called carbuncles. They can range from pea size to golf ball size. When the boil is ready to discharge pus or drain, a white or yellow point is found at the center of the boil. One way to get a boil to drain or discharge pus is to put a warm cloth soaked in salt water over the wound.

There are many skin boil home remedies that might help:

Garlic and Onion -- These have been proven to be one of the most effective boil home remedies. You can apply garlic or onion juice may be applied externally on boils to ripen them so they will break and drain. To get the most benefit, mix equal parts of the juices and them apply.

Bitter Gourd -- This is an effective home remedy for blood-filled boils. To treat the boils, a cup of fresh bitter gourd juice mixed with one teaspoon of lime juice should be sipped slowly for a few days on an empty stomach.

Milk Cream -- An excellent poultice for treating boils is to mix one-teaspoon milk cream, one-teaspoon vinegar, and a pinch of turmeric powder, then apply to the boil. This poultice will help to ripen the blood boils and heal them without the boils becoming septic.

Cumin Seeds -- Ground cumin seeds in water. Apply paste to boils for beneficial results.

Betel Leaves -- This is a valuable home remedy. Warm the leaf until it softens and coat it with a layer of castor oil. Spread the oiled leaf over the inflamed area and repeat every few hours. After applying a few times, the boil will rupture and drain out all the pus.

Margosa Leaves -- These leaves have proven to be an effective treatment for boils too. The leaves can be used in a poultice, decoction, or liniment. To make the decoction, boil 15 gm of Margosa leaves in 500 ml water until it is reduced by one third.

Parsley -- Steep parsley in boiling water until it is soft and juicy. When it becomes cool enough to apply to skin, wrap it in a linen or muslin cloth and apply to boil.

Turmeric -- When you apply Turmeric powder to a boil will help speed up the healing process. If the boil is fresh, roast a few dry roots of turmeric and dissolve the ashes in a cup of water. Apply to affected area. It will help a boil to ripen and drain.

Tea Tree Oil -- Applying a dab of this potent oil reduces the infection and protects the affected area making it ready to clean faster.

Baking soda paste -- Combine enough baking soda and water to make a paste. Smear the paste on the affected area and cover it with warm cloth.

Banana peel -- Apply banana peel so that the inside of the peel covers the boil. Change it every couple of hours.

Homeopathic drops -- Encinea, silica and basil essential oils are ingredients proven effective for treatment of boils, skin infections and reduction of swelling and discomfort. They can be purchased separately or found in combined in a product called Boil Rx for Pain, Swelling & Inflammation Caused by Boils. This product is safe for all ages and registered with the Food and Drug Administration.

If your condition has worsened, please consult with your physician.

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