Indulge yourself with a customized bubble bath

There is something special about a bubble bath. It is time for ourselves, when we can relax at the end of a long and stressful day, it is an opportunity to indulge ourselves to the fullest extent.

Even though we may not notice it, our body absorbs all the stress we go through during the day. Enjoying a long, relaxing soak relaxes the aching muscles and soothes the skin.

bubble bath Preparing these recipes will take you a few minutes. Then, put aside an hour for yourself. Prepare a bath, light some candles, and soak in.

Before you try a recipe! Choose from the bath ingredients list we provide to learn what each ingredient does and what kind of an effect it has when used in a recipe.

Recipes and ingredients

Warm, luxurious chocolate body wash

Soak in the goodness of honey and milk

Soothing lavander oil

Cleopatra's Milk bath - An ancient recipe so simple and effective that it is widely used even today.

Remove body toxins while emersing yourself in a warm bath

Foaming, warm vanilla

Spice it up with pina colada ;)

More bubbly recipes - whether you're fighting a cold, need energy boost, or want to spice up your love life ;)

Velvety chocolate - super luxurious but also cheap to make

Essential oils that you will need

Full body massage - as a follow up to a relaxing bath

Massage oils used in massage therapy - learn which oils to use

Complement the use of bubble bath with an occassional pampering session with homemade bath salts.

Keep in mind: Be careful with how hot the water is. If it is too hot, it dilates your blood vessels creating a drop in blood pressure. Of course, there is no set temperature, you choose what suits you. Only make sure it is not too hot nor too cold, make it so it is customized to your body and your skin.


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