Cetaphil Review

by Sandra

Have you ever heard of Cetaphil?

It comes in skin cleansers and moisturizers. I used it 5 years ago and now occasionally I do use it. The reason why I use this product so generously is because it as expensive as other soaps and moisturizers in the store. I'm ok with whatever my family buys. Plus, Cetaphil has a nice fragrance.

How did I find out about Cetaphil? I went to the doctor five year ago because I had a weird rash on my skin at the back of my thigh. He said I was allergic to soap and so he gave me Cetaphil samples to go home and try.

The soap is liquid and mild. It is said on the bottle that once you rub the soap onto your skin, you don't even have to use water to wash it off. Cetaphil won't dry or irritate your skin. I like the lotion as well because it is silky (not a thick past like other lotions). I had seen Cetaphil facial cleanser also. The kid that my mom babysit uses Cetaphil skin lotion because she has eczema.

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