Chapped Lips

by ayurmedicure

Cure your Dry Chapped Lips

The chapped lips are very common problem of skin in most of us. The chapped lips become extremely dry and you feel a painful experience. At times blood trickles down the dry marks from the lips. They become red and chapped when they are dry. During winter when the weather is dry the situation becomes worse and you simply cannot cure the chapped lips with moisturizers or lip balms. You need something like petroleum jelly balms on the lips to keep them soft and hydrated.

Causes of Chapped lips

There are various reasons why the lips become chapped. Lack of water content in the body can be the cause of chapped lips. Dehydration can also lead to chapped lips, prolonged exposure to dry weather and winter season too can lead to chapped lips. Some medicines to can have side effects and can lead to cracks in the lips. Lack of proper nutrition and vitamins too are responsible for crack lips.

You need to give extra care and protection to such cracked lips and keep on applying petroleum jelly balms or lotions on the lips to keep them soft and supple.

Given Below are some home remedies and simple tips to deal with Chapped Lips:

> You should keep the body hydrated with lots of water. Make a habit of drinking lots of water even during winter season when the skin becomes dry and the lips are chapped. Water on the body is essential to keep the body moist and also the skin soft and supple.

> Apply lip balms or petroleum jelly on the lips to keep them soft, smooth and shinning. Remember you cannot escape the routine of drinking water even if you apply such stuff to keep the lips glossy. You need to drink those nearly 6 glasses of water daily during winters and 10 glasses of water during summers.

> Don’t practice the habit of keeping the lips moist with the help of tongue. This makes the lips dark in color and they actually lose more moisture. Stop that habit of wetting the lips with tongue and apply some jelly or balm or moisturizer.

> Remember excessive use of lipsticks on the lips too can be harmful for your lips. Such stuff prevents the lip skin to breathe and keep them naturally clean. And before applying lipstick apply some lip balm or lip jelly to keep the glow of lipstick longer so that you don’t have to go on applying it again and again from your bag.

> At night remove the lipsticks and apply some petroleum jelly before going to bed.

> An old remedy for healing chapped lips and keeping them ever glowing is applying butter or pure ghee or mustard oil on them. They help in healing the cracks and also improve the condition of the lips faster than synthetic products.

> To keep your lips pink and smooth, soak some rose petals in some amount of water. After few hours take the leaves and make a paste of them to apply on the lips. It also prevents darkening of lips.

> And never peel the dry skin on the lips. It will get removed automatically

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Lip care

by Dee Dee Hamel
(London, on)

If you are tired of having chapped, cracked & dry lips well ladies an gents fear no more

1) Take an old tooth brush or buy a cheap one.

2) We all have this in our homes good old - Vaseline.

3) Take the tooth brush then squeeze out a small dime size amount of the Vaseline on it, then you lightly brush over those chapped lips they will be good for kissing when you're done, take my word for it.

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