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Clear acne with 7 ingredients used as skin care remedies

There are numerous ways to clear acne and although those with chemicals in them might be faster, in the long term, they do more damage to the skin. Natural skin care remedies are safer and more gentle on your skin. The following recipes offer different homemade skin care remedies you can use in a safe, natural way.

How to clear up acne naturally?

Before using any of these ingredients, make sure your skin is ready. You can either wash your face well or use any of the facial scrubs to cleanse it.

There are several ingredients that have proven to be very efficient when used to clear acne. Here are 7 great ingredients that you can start using:


This culinary ingredient is known for its strong aroma. In skin care, however, its properties are a great match to problem and oily skin. Filled with antioxidants, parsley fights off free radicals that damage the skin. It contains Vitamin C which prompts the skin to produce collagen, making the skin elastic. As an antiseptic, it clears up impurities and reduces any inflammation.

To use it to clear acne, simply blend a handful of fresh parsley leaves. Add to this a bit of honey, enough to make the paste thick enough to be applied on the face. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and wash off with warm water.

You can use parsley in the same form if your skin is experiencing redness, swelling or puffiness, it works great.

Baking soda

I can't stress enough how great this ingredient is! Baking soda neutralizes acidity and makes the skin's pH levels resistant to infections, acne and inflammation.

Simply mix enough baking soda and water to make a thick paste. Apply on the face and let it dry off; rinse off with warm water.


Not a surprise here, really. Yogurt is filled with lactic acid as well as good bacteria; both of these cleanse the skin and prevent other, harmful bacteria from multiplying on the surface of the skin.

Purchase Greek yogurt, whole. Smear it on the face and let it stay enough to dry. Wash off your face with water.


A simple, powerful ingredient, honey is used to treat oily skin more than any other type. The reason for this is that it is an antiseptic that quickly and efficiently attacks any inflammation.

Use organic honey; store bought honey often contains impurities that really do nothing for the skin. Apply honey all over the face and let it stay until dry. Wash off the face with warm water. To make it even more efficient, add some cinnamon powder to it. Our reader Donelda shared with us that she had great success with this combination.

Tea tree oil

Simply impossible to mention to mention this antiseptic power house! It is an antiseptic and antibacterial agent and one probably most often used to treat acne. Make sure that when you use it, it is diluted. When in pure form, it can be an allergen so to be sure, apply some on your arm and see if you have any swelling or redness. If there is no reaction, proceed.

Mix it with a carrier oil such as jojoba or olive oil. The ratio should be 1:10, tea tree:carrier oil. So, 10 drops of tea tree oil to 100 drops of carrier oil. Cover the face surface with this, let it sit a while and then wash off.

Lemon oil

With its strong aroma and acidic nature, lemon oil is a wonderful way to target acne and inflammation. As with tea tree oil, make sure you test it before using it and mix it the same way with a carrier oil.

Another way to use lemon's great properties is to simply apply lemon juice on face. Don't use it if your skin is dry, it tends to dry it out even more. This works for oily skin because it dries out and removes the excess oil.

Egg white

Whisk an egg white an apply it on the face. Let it sit until dry and wash it off. Egg white works like a charm when it comes to absorbing excess oil. As with lemon oil, don't use it if you have dry skin. If you want to experiment a bit, add a bit of honey to it and even a drop or two of tea tree oil. Your skin will feel cleansed and refreshed after this. Add some brown sugar to it, and you can use it as an oil-absorbing face scrub.

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