Cucumber Anti-blemish mask

by Tracy
(Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Cucumber can be used as whitening and calming, and I use either petitgrain oil or tea tree oil for antiseptic purposes. Tea tree oil feels really cool on blemishes and I love it!!

2 cm chunk of cucumber
2 drops of tea tree oil / petitgrain oil
1 egg white (sometimes I use honey instead, so i don't waste the yolk, lol)

blend cucumber until become liquid, then add the drops of tea tree oil and whisk the egg white (or honey) in. Smooth the mixture over the face. Remove after 15 mins with warm water.

* The amount of cucumber can be reduced depends on how watery the cucumber is. The first time I used more cucumber but the mixture is too watery and could not apply, so i had to keep putting honey in until it was thick enough.

**** My brother used it the first time but he was all red afterwards, I am not sure if he was allergic to anything, we washed it off right away, but the next morning he was alright again!! But be careful if you are allergic to whatever material used!! :D

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