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Homemade DIY Cucumber Face Mask Recipes to Cool, Clean & Moisturize your Skin


Cucumber facial recipes are some of the most often prepared and used skin care recipes. There are reasons why you always see cucumbers over the eyes of a woman who is relaxing comfortably in a robe with a homemade face mask expertly lathered over every inch of her face. Cucumbers have wonderful, soothing properties for the skin.

What’s so great about cucumber facial recipes?

There is any number of natural ingredients to use when making a homemade face mask but there are few that are more beneficial than cucumber.

Here are just five reasons why I always keep a supply of fresh cucumber in my refrigerator not only for salads but for my regular homemade face masks as well.

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1. Cucumber facial recipes for Anti-aging booster

Cucumber is an outstanding source of the trace mineral silica. Silica strengthens the connective tissue in the skin and keeps our skin looking young and healthy. This is precisely the reason why you so often see cucumber used in any anti-aging homemade face mask and an anti-aging skin care recipes. Cucumber promotes the natural production of collagen in the skin that slows down the aging process.

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2. Cucumber facial recipes for Sun damage treatment

Cucumber is also the perfect treatment for skin that has received too much exposure to the sun either as sunburn or sun-damage. Silica again is the ingredient in cucumber that is encourages the skin to retain moisture. If your face or any other part of your body has been overexposed to the sun, cut very thin slices of cucumber and apply them to the damaged areas for a homemade face mask. You will be amazed at how soothing it feels. The silica in the cucumber will calm down the sun-damaged areas and help the healing and regeneration process. Continue to apply cucumber to these areas for two or three days depending on the severity of the damage.

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3. Cucumber facial recipes for acne

Cucumber used in a homemade face mask to treat acne is also extremely beneficial. It calms skin that is inflamed from severe acne in much the same way it soothes sunburned skin. Eating cucumber daily for a month will also improve your acne if you’re willing to give it a try.

Cucumber anti-blemish mask.

4. Cucumber facial recipes Moisturizing for dry skin

The excellent hydrating properties of cucumber are extremely beneficial when use in a homemade face mask for dry skin. Finely dice the cucumber and mix it with other of your favorite ingredients to create a soothing mask that will rehydrate your skin. If you prefer simply use thin slices of cucumber placed over the driest areas of your skin.

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Moisturizing cucumber and olive oil mask.

5. Cucumber facial recipes for Puffy eyes

The hydrating properties of cucumber do wonders for puffy eyes and dark circles. The Silica provides regenerative properties for the delicate skin around the eyes. Apply your favorite cucumber homemade face mask to your face and place two thin slices of fresh cucumber over your eyes and relax. You will feel as wonderful as you always imagined the woman in the photo felt and you will come away from the experience with fresher, healthier looking skin.

Cucumber facial recipes are just a few of homemade face recipes you can prepare. Check out more facial mask recipes.

DIY Cucumber Facial Recipes

DIY Cucumber Facial Recipes

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