Dry dull skin, sun spots and freckles


My skin was originally white/beige, which tanned very easily but also extremely sensitive to sun exposure. Normal/oily combination.

It was all good until I got on birth control (which didn't agree with me) and went on my honeymoon.
Even though I applied SPF 50 everyday, I ended up with a tan that several months after hasn't really gone away, a dull complexion, freckles, and some ugly brown spots on the nose (my SIL asked if I had a bruise). In addition, even though I still have a T-zone, my skin has become overall dryer, which has made the lines under my nose and mouth more noticeable. I still have no wrinkles per se but I feel I will get there soon unless I do something about it.

I've tried several moisturizers and complexion "fixers" with very limited results. It is as if my skin had aged several years in just a few months. It is actually very sad because before my wedding people thought I was younger than I actually was and now it seems to be the other way around.

I'm looking for an affordable and hopefully natural solution to my problem. I hope you can help me.

Thanks! =)

Skin changes are quite common for women on birth control. In fact, up to 70 percent of women experience skin problems from hormonal changes due to pregnancy, birth control, or hormone replacement therapy. The best way to prevent and stop this is to avoid the sun and possibly see if you can get on another type of birth control.

Once you get those brown spots, they are hard to get rid of and take a lot of patience and sun avoidance.

For the dull complexion - I would embark on a bi-weekly face scrub. You can use something as simple as baking soda and sugar. Mix the two together in equal portions and add water (or if you skin is very dry add honey) and make a paste. Rub this paste gently all over skin in circular motions – you’re sort of “buffing” the skin (avoid eye area).

Then rinse off and apply a good moisturizer like Emu oil . Apply this to your skin while it’s slightly damp for best results. Don’t forget the eye area. Emu oil is a great natural moisturizer – it’s the closest composition to human skin. It won’t clog pores or cause puffy eyes. Your skin will look brighter and have a nice smooth feel. Try to do this at least twice a week - more if your skin can handle it.

For the blotch skin - you can try a simple lemon juice or aspirin mask. Take the juice of a whole lemon squeeze into a bowl and using a cotton ball soak up the juice rub it all over your face (avoiding the eye area) leave on for 15 minutes. Or you can try an aspirin mask by taking two or three non-coated, plain aspirins and crush them with into a powder form. Add a tiny bit of water (or honey if your face is really dry) make a mask and apply to your skin. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse off and apply Emu Oil all over your face and eye area.

Aspirin contains natural salicylic acid and will slowly and gently peel off the dead skin layers and will slowly help to lighten the brown spots and freckles. This can take a few months to a year – but it will work. You can alternate between the lemon juice mask and the aspirin mask a few times a month. For faster results you can purchase a skin brightening cream…this will help speed up the sloughing off of the dark pigmented skin. A great natural skin brightening cream should contain pear skin extracts, grapefruit seed extracts and comfrey plant extracts. Read more about Skin Spots and the best skin brightener cream here.

Good luck,
Linda, admin Wrinkle Free Skin Tips

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