Lemon based dry skin rub

Lemon is one of the most commonly used ingredients in homemade skin care recipes. This dry skin rub, sent to us by Kayleigh, is based just on that: lemon. Lemon which leaves the skin cleansed and elastic, is bursting with Vitamin C, a vitamin that stimulates production of collagen.

Lemon dry skin rub

This will help repair cracked and drying skin, and can also help oily acne prone skin to clear up.

dry skin rub

For dry skin, particularly the areas on your elbows and knees, cut a lemon in half and rub it all over your skin. When you get to your knees and elbows, bend the joints so that the whole surface is covered. You will notice that the pieces of lemon start to fall off all over your skin, this is alright! Take care to avoid any serious cuts, as the lemon juice would sting them. Once you have covered all of your skin with the lemon, let it dry for about five minutes. The acids in the lemon juice saturate into your skin. Then shower off to remove the sticky juice and pieces of pulp.

Amazingly, this works to tame oily skin as well. The acids counteract oily skin, and the pulp helps exfoliate. The difference with using lemon halves on your face is you may need to cut them into smaller pieces to effectively target problem areas. Try not to get any into your hair, it may bleach your hair out slightly, especially in the sun. Leave the lemon on your skin a little longer, approximately 10 minutes, then be sure to wash well.

Thanks Kayleigh!

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