EXTREMELY Dry Skin on chin - HELP!!

by Dulce
(Metuchen, NJ)

Thank you for allowing me to ask this question, I am desperate.

EVERY winter my chin area gets EXTREMELY dry, flaky, taut, and itchy. Since I was born I've had eczema, but not on my face. I don't know if this is a form of eczema, but I've tried prescription strength medicines like Elidel, I've tried homemade items with ingredients like Shea butter, but nothing seems to work. to make matters worse, I have light to medium brown skin (burnt sienna in the Crayola box) and now because of this skin condition, it is the only part of my face that is darker so it looks like I have a beard.

I was wondering if you could suggest some type of homemade/holistic remedy that I could use that might help the dryness and ANY other suggestions that you might have would be phenomenal.

Thanks so much.


I get the feeling by reading your letter that you also love sweets/sugar. Did you know that some studies show that sugar will age us rapidly. It has absolutely no nuturition and the more you eat the more your body will crave. This includes white flour and white sugar and even too much fruit. Chocoloate is a big no-no for you! And you know you love it. So first
try using Agave Nectar, it's from a cactus and is a natural sweetner with half the calories of processed white sugar...then slowly ween yourself off of sweets altogether. You will see a dramatic difference in your skin and the way you feel. Also, here is is a link to my video
on making a natural facial with fruit....it's easy and is really good for your face. Try it, and keep me posted. http://www.brightcove.tv/title.jsp?title=366514670


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Aug 20, 2015
red & itchy chin NEW
by: Amy R

I'm also looking for help for this condition. I basically eat clean with maybe a sugar treat once per week if even, and it doesn't seem to affect the problem at all. I am also very sensitive to chemicals so use only natural and alternative chem-free products. I have discovered two things that help... wiping done with witch hazel a few times per day, and applying an amazing product called USF Ointment made by Standard Process. I keep a thin layer on my face and neck and it helps reduce the dryness. It also speeds the chin molting that is so gross to me. I like that because the dead skin itches then peels off with the ointment then protecting the new tender skin underneath. I wish we knew more about this condition. I really don't understand it and am embarrassed at times to be seen in public. OH - almost forgot - I go without makeup whenever possible as for me the titanium in makeup is a major factor. Try going a couple days without makeup and I bet you'll see a little improvement, too.

Jul 21, 2014
possible solutions NEW
by: Anonymous

I never ever in my life had a dry spot that flaked on my face until I had my son months later.. I have found ChapStick does wonders.. I am pct EKG phlebotomist n cna in hospital.. I am constantly washing my hands and they always get chapped n dry..we always use lip balm/ chap stick on our hands to heal them.. I Also use patrollium jelly at night.. then ChapStick during day..

Mar 01, 2013
Swedish Skin Care NEW
by: Anonymous

If you have chronic dry skin anywhere or during any particular time of the year then you need to try a great product from Sedish Skin Care called Prosanol. Its the best moisturizer I have found, It really does take care of the problem and heal your skin. I apply it once every morning and my skin will not itch or feel flaky for the rest of the day. Worth a try.

May 19, 2012
skin type NEW
by: ambreen

i m worry about my skin because i don't what type of my skin is.my forehead,cheeks,nose is normal but my upperlips,chin &around the lips area is very dry in winter and summer and ifeel itching on it and also these areas are dark.and my skin complexion is light brown pls tell me what i can do for my skin and what type of foundation i use.


Feb 17, 2012
Chocolate Fanatic
by: Anonymous

I am a 24 year old chocolate addict. I eat three bars a day. After reading your response, I'm going to stop eating ridiculous amounts of chocolate because I will do anything to get rid the dryness on my chin. :)

Nov 16, 2011
Perioral dermatitis
by: Anonymous

After months of dealing with what my dermatologist diagnosed as peri-oral dermatitis and trying elidel and every natural remedy known to man I decided to go to an allergist. Turns out it was actually contact dermatitis caused by my Garnier Fructis hairspray. Think about the products you are using and when you started using them. Did you recently buy any new products? We switched to Dove unscented soap, All free and clear and of course, I don't use that hairspray anymore. My bumps cleared up within days! I do still have dry flaky skin at times that I cannot explain. My skin on my chin always feels tight and then by the end of the day it literally molts off my chin. So frustrating. I am certainly glad not to have the unsightly little red bumps anymore, but I'd love to get rid of the flakes too.

Jun 02, 2009
Possible Answer to Your Question
by: Max

Hi. I am just now suffering from this too. My husband is great at researching and finding answers.

We found some information on Candida overgrowth in the body. It can happen in men & women alike, and I believe is caused by an imbalance in our probiotic levels, causing the yeast in our body to reproduce out of control.

You should really, seriously research this condition. It is easy to test for. Spit in a cup in the morning and check to see if your spit has "legs", or turns the water cloudy, or sinks to the bottom in a nasty way. The sites have tons of info for it. Google candida overgrowth, and go for information. Be weary of ThreeLac too because a lot of sites suggest it. My husband found that some of the probiotics have negative long-term effects.

Anyways, some of the side effects of Candida overgrowth include very dry, cracked skin around the mouth and chin, depression, blurred vision, etc. People don't necessarily exhibit all of the symptoms. Check it out. Hope this helps!

May 27, 2009
spot b-gone
by: reth

i have the same thing on my chin it goes away and then in a couple of months it re appears it burns, and itches a little but it atually looks like a beard. and it's only on my chin the dr. gave me 2 percent hydrocortisone cream ,it's not helping and the doctor even gave me some elidel cream to put on it. still no help. i'm embarrassed to be seen like this the doctor said it looks like fungus and one doctor said that it was eczema. maybe i need to go to a skin speacialist. b-cause i need help!!!!

Apr 26, 2009
chin skin
by: Crumbly flakiest

I have the same problem too, extremely dry skin just on my chin, i've never had eczema and its not quite the same as eczema ive seen cause the skin just flakes not cracks, The prescribed cream from the doctors did nothing, all it did was to cause a red patch there like after i shave there too, when i have a bath it flakes like bad dandruff or when i get up in the mornings.
The only theory i got for this problem is the dentist cause it started only since i had my lower molar tooth out at the back which causes me to dribble saliva on my chin when i sleep.

Mar 23, 2009
same here!
by: Darc

This is exactly what happened to me! I quit the meds the dr. gave me..I was on it for 6 months! still have the same problem! It is very annoying! I hope someone can help me!!!
" me too!
by: Anonymous

I also need help, I have been to the dr. and have been on meds for 3 months and its not working,,my chin actually looks worse then before I went to see the doc. he insists that I have this one thing, and I have a list of things not to use or eat...Not working!!!! I have a feeling he is wrong.
please help if you can... "

Jan 02, 2009
Found a Way to Help my Dry Skin
by: Anonymous

My face has always been on the dry side. My chin is the worst!For the last 3 years, my chin will peel, look flaky, etc.

I tried so many moisturizers and nothing worked. To this day, the ONLY thing that helps my dry chin is straight-up Vaseline! I know it sounds crazy, but it is the absolute best! It even says on the container it can be used as a facial moisturizer, it won't clog pores, it's fragrance free, etc. Again, it's the ONLY thing that will keep my face flake-free day after day. I highly recommend this simple and cheap fix for dry facial skin.

Oct 30, 2008
Possible Cause
by: urb0123

I too have a red rash around my chin and mouth. I've had it before and it eventually followed the corners of my nose and up around my eyes. I don't remember for sure what it was called, but topical erythromycin cleared it up after awhile. I was clear of it for several years and now it is back. I believe the disorder is called Perioral Dermatitis. Steriods will help temporarily but will make it much worse in the end.

Oct 02, 2008
me too!
by: Anonymous

I also need help, I have been to the dr. and have been on meds for 3 months and its not working,,my chin actually looks worse then before I went to see the doc. he insists that I have this one thing, and I have a list of things not to use or eat...Not working!!!! I have a feeling he is wrong.
please help if you can...

May 19, 2008
chin skin
by: Anonymous

Try to stop using any cleaners, lotions, make-up or topicals that have any fragrance or dyes in them. Think about switching your laundry soaps to fragrance/dye free as well.

I developed allergies to dyes/fragrances when I was in my mid-20's. It really helped my facial skin.

Feb 21, 2008
Dry Flaky REd skin on Chin area
by: JoJO

I have recently developed quite severe red, dry skin which flakes quite badly all around the chin area.
It initially start off as a few white liquid filled spots and a few minor zits that developed around the time of the month. I used some steroid cream and a medicated clearing gel - which initially did work but now my chin is worse.
As it is very red, and extremely flaky. I have used all sorts of creams prescribed by my doctor as i suffer from eczema but it none seem to help this area. (to include hydrocortizone, benovate)
Can anyone please help me as i have a wedding next month.

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