Face spots - Removing face spots naturally

Face spots are sometimes wrongfully referred to as "age spots" or "liver spots." The truth is, face spots appear as a result of prolonged exposure to sun.

Melanin, a pigment that gives our skin its distinct color, is produced by melanocytes. When exposed to sun, melanocytes produce the dark pigment but, when exposed to sun for longer periods of time, melanocytes go into overproduction mode leaving behind spots that range in colors from dark to almost black.

Although these spots can be treated using home remedies for dark spots on face and natural ingredients for removing age spots, there are certain things you can do to using home remedies that will diminish the appearance of face spots.

How to Remove Age Spots on Face - 3 Proven Natural Skin Care Tips

If you're anything like me, removing age spots on your face is very important to you. It's one of the most common signs of getting older, along with wrinkles, fine lines, and dark shadows under the eyes.

Sun-related skin damage, over time, is the primary cause of age spots. When your skin is exposed to harsh UV rays, your body produces more melanin, to protect itself from sunburn and further deterioration.

In other words, those brown blemishes on your face are entirely natural--but that doesn't mean that have you to live with them for the rest of your life. Here are three proven tips for removing age spots and enjoying a clear, youthful complexion again.

1) Reduce sun exposure.

In light of what I just said, this tip seems obvious, but it bears repeating. For any natural skin care treatment to be effective, you'll want to severely restrict your direct exposure to UV rays.

This means: always wearing sunscreen when you're outdoors. Wearing a hat with a wide brim. Dressing in clothing that protects your skin. Keeping to shady areas. And avoiding going outdoors when the sun is at its peak, and when you're most likely to experience sunburn.

2) Use skin care creams containing nutgrass root.

Nutgrass is a wild plant from India, and has been used for centuries in herbal medicine treatments. In clinical studies, nutgrass root has been shown to inhibit the development of melanin, resulting in brighter, clearer skin.

Nutgrass root also has anti-aging properties, making this a powerful ingredient for giving your complexion a more youthful appearance, without any harmful side effects.

3) Use anti aging skin care creams with natural vitamin E.

Natural vitamin E is a well-known antioxidant. Because of these antioxidant properties, it works well to protect your skin against sunburn. Additionally, natural vitamin E has been scientifically proven to prevent the numerous signs of aging, such as blemishes, fine lines, and wrinkles.

You'll find nutgrass root, as well as natural vitamin E, included in the higher quality anti aging skin moisturizers and creams.

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