Face tightening exercises - can you really see improvement?

Our reader Kim asked a question: What are the best face tightening exercises?

Unfortunately, there aren't a few best face tightening exercises, just like there is not one great exercise for the body.

You want to address all the major muscle groups and refrain from spot training, because as you age, all areas of the face will eventually concern you.

However, unlike skeletal muscles, the muscles of the face are directly attached to the skin and to other muscles and bones of the face. This is good and bad; the bad part is once some of the facial muscles begin to sag and lose elasticity, it pulls the skin with it causing that sagging look that we all hate. The good part is once you start exercising key muscle groups of the face, other muscles and skin will respond and start to lift and firm.

Below are the main key muscle groups of the face and the areas you want to concentrate on. The key muscle groups include:

Eyes or Orbicularis Oculi used to close eyelids
Cheeks or Caput Infra-Orbitale used to pull cheeks upwards
Mouth or Orbicularis Oris used to close mouth
Chin or Mentalis muscle used to pull chin upward
Neck or Platysma used to pull skin from side of neck upward and corners of mouth down

Here are examples of a quick and easy face tightening exercises from my web site www.wrinkle-free-skin-tips.com. You can even do this while driving your car because it only requires one had.

Over the last year, I had gotten away from doing my exercises because... Well I got so busy with life! Then I recently moved to another state and had to get a new drivers license picture taken. Now we all know how horrible those pictures are anyway, but to my surprise, I noticed the beginning of these funny little pouches from the corners of my mouth to my jaw bone. I can not tell you how depressing that was!!!!

So, I started back into my routine of facial exercises, but made sure I did a little extra of this easy exercise to get rid of those pouches. I plan on putting before and after pictures on my site soon, so you all can see the dramatic results. I think it took about two months, but remember, I have been doing facial exercises off and on for almost 10 years.

Here it is. Enjoy!

Jowl lift Helps tighten sagging pouches along the jaw bone .... the ones that develop at the lower corners of the mouth. Over time this droop sometimes changes the appearance of the face giving it a squareish look.

First, I want you to feel the muscle we are after.

Place your thumb and forefinger on either side of your chin, feeling your jaw bone.

To feel the muscle that we are after, try to make a smile with a closed mouth drawing the corners of your mouth out toward your ears. Do this a few times until you feel the muscle involved in this movement.

Here is the exercise:

Now, put your thumb and forefinger in place again and smile; only this time, try to hold the muscle in place…creating resistance...as if to stop the smile or bring it back.

You may feel your fingers slid across your chin until they meet.

Hold for count of 10, then let go and relax.

Repeat for 3 sets.

I have done almost up to 5 sets while driving; got a little sore, but with great results.

I hope this information was helpful. If you have any questions or want to see more exercises, please feel free to visit my site at www.wrinkle-free-skin-tips.com

Linda Robison

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