Facial exfoliants - How to make and use homemade exfoliant recipes

Facial exfoliants are an essential part of skin care routine. The basic function of facial scrub recipes is to clean the skin, and in that, they are very similar to facial steams that open up the clogged pores.

What facial steams don't do, is that they don't remove the dead skin layer like exfoliants do. They do wonders if and when applied correctly and on regular bases.

For optimal result, complement the use of exfoliant with a homemade facial cleanser.

A good alternative to a homemade exfoliant is a facial peel which is a non invasive, non chemical way to remove the dead skin cells.

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It uses natural ingredients that help smooth out the wrinkles and diminish the appearance of fine lines, while at the same time nourishes and moisturizes your skin.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using a face scrub:

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Is it good for your skin type?

Each skin type is specific and so should be facial exfoliants we use. A face exfoliant for oily skin may not be suitable for dry skin and vice versa. If you decide to buy one, make sure you read the instructions. If you decide to make one yourself, also make sure that the ingredients used are suited for your skin type.

Be gentle to your skin when using facial exfoliants

Rubbing your face gently is the best way to go. Don't be too hard on your skin, it will only irritate it and create more problems. Some face scrubs have salt and brown sugar as main ingredients, and if you are not careful, you can actually scratch yourself. Rub in circular motion, slowly and thoroughly.

Do it regularly

Cleaning your face is fine, but it only affects the top layer of skin. Facial scrubs do more. They penetrate the deeper layers and at the same time slough off dead skin cells on the surface. To make things even better, a homemade exfoliate contains enzymes that remove toxins stored in the skin helping it look invigorated. Doing it once a month does nothing for your skin. Do it regularly, set a routine, once a week lets say. Then stick with it and you will see the results.

Always wash your face afterward

Homemade exfoliants remove the dirt and oil accumulated in the clogged pores. Use a soft wash cloth if you like, and remove the scrub ingredients off the face. After that, either tap your face with a towel (don't rub) or simply let the skin dry on its own.

Now that you know all this, try out some of these simple to make, highly efficient facial exfoliant recipes.

FDA's view on chemical peels and warnings about their detrimental effects on the skin.

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