Skin care recipes - facial masks you can prepare in minutes and stay on the budget

Even though we get bombarded daily with ads about artificially and chemically improved facial masks, there is still comfort in making our own.

Would you prefer to actually know what you are applying on your face, or let some hard-to-pronounce chemical do its job? I would say the first option sounds better. facial masks

Despite the common misconception about facial masks preparation being time consuming and tedious, I will point out some easy recipes that you can literally whip up in a minute.

Skin care recipes videos
Watch video clips of facial and skin care recipes preparation.

Here's a quick overview of what kind of equipment and ingredients you might need:

What kind of ingredients will you need to prepare facial masks?

This really depends on your skin type. Once you recognize what skin type you are, you can custom make a mask.

Let me give you an example: your skin is dry and patchy. Often, you get red patches from skin being undernourished and dehydrated.

Well, you will obviously need something that will replenish the lost hydration, but how can you know what can help you? Oils that could help you are coconut and cocoa oils. You could use avocado which is a wonderful hydrating agent.

You could add any of the most commonly used essential oils to not only add fragrance but also use the best natural, organic skin care agents possible.

Use these recipes for a fun Girls Night Party.

How about equipment I will need?

You will basically need the following:

  • A plastic bowl

Make sure you find a freezer safe plastic bowl. Some of the masks can be frozen and reused, so you will need something that can sustain low temperatures.

Also, look for a bowl with a lid. Do not leave the bowls open in the fridge. Its chemical composition will change and you will end up with less then desirable effects.

  • A spoon

Go with a wooden spoon as it is least likely to interfere with chemical processes that go on in the mask mix.

  • Cotton cloth/face towel

Invest in a good quality one as you will use it often. 100% cotton is usually the best way to go.

  • Food processor/blender

Some masks require a food processor in order to blend the ingredients well. You might need to use it when you prepare an oatmeal based mask as it requires nicely ground oats.

  • Good will to try and experiment :)
It only takes a few minutes to prepare a good mask that will help with the inflammation processes happening to your face. And also, who says chocolate is only for eating? :)

If a mask doesn't work for you, try another one. There are plenty to choose from and all the masks you will find here are handpicked and proven to show the best results.

Always make sure you use fresh ingredients.

One thing you could do to enhance the overall natural face mask experience is to try some of the face exercises, the best kept anti-aging secret. That, and also a highly praised facial massage will do. Easy, efficient and free!

Enough with the technical stuff :)

On to facial mask recipes. Enjoy! :)

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