Facial massage benefits both the skin and facial muscles

Facial massage is the new breakthrough in natural skin care although it has been around quite a while now. This following article gives you a step by step approach to incorporating this technique into your natural skin care regime. It is free, beneficial, and healthy.

Give Facial Massaging a Try in place of a Face-Lift

Wrinkles, crows feet, bags under the eyes and sagging lips are often times associated with an aging face. Many resort to a face-lift or other forms of plastic surgery, but what if you could accomplish younger looking facial skin without spending a dime?

Not to sound vain or anything, I have been often complimented on my so-called facial features like a strong jaw-line and high cheek bones etc

Perhaps, my vegan (mostly raw) diet plays a role in me being so slim and this besides serving as a natural anti-aging strategy, does contribute to the "structure" of my face.

Nonetheless, I do massage my face often and facial massaging also impacts greatly the anti-aging results sought after for the face.

The beauty is it takes less than 4 minutes or so to use and it costs you nothing but maybe the time used.

Here is exactly how to use massaging for the face.

1. Wash your hands, especially your fingertips, thoroughly.

2. Now with your thumbs firmly gripping your jaw-line, proceed to pressing with the free four fingers the upper jaw line working from the center outwards.

3. Do 2-3 sets pressing firmly.

4. Now press the areas directly above the jaw line in the same center-going- outwards-direction firmly 2-3 times.

5. Do this working upwards till you reach the forehead line. See illustrations below:

If done correctly you should see little specks of dead skin on your face.

In a feathery motion, pinch at the entire face for as long as you desire (1-2 minutes) using all the free fingers in firm actions grasping the skin.

Now, in a downward-scraping motion using the finger tips, rub the jugular veins located at the sides of the neck (6-8) times, and then massage the outer part of the chest right next to the armpits in a firm circular motion ensuring you breathe deeply as well.

According to the Egyptians (and from my own experiences) this simple procedure has a marked effect on alleviating bags and crow's feet from the eyes and directing the flow of toxins away from the face.

Wash your hands with soap and rinse the face with cool water only-gently but firmly. Wipe dry with a paper towel (or a towel you use only for your face)

Of course other factors come into mind to improve overall health which would be reflected in your face, however, to tone and sculpt the facial muscles and decrease those unwanted lines and wrinkles, facial massaging should be an integral part of your anti-aging strategy.

Here is to staying, looking and feeling younger AND to health.

Foras Aje is an independent researcher and co-founder of BodyHealthSoul LLC. Stop by His Website today for more on Healthy Living Tips and information on Anti-Aging

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