Facial pimples

by Sophie and Sucheta

Sophie asks:

Hi, I am 19yrs old and I have many pimples on my forehead. They make my skin look awful. Please recommend some homemade tip that I should follow.

Sucheta asks:

I have normal skin, but applying any cream or moisturizer on my face..results with pimples. Earlier I had lots of pimples, though they have gone and marks have also faded away but the problem is my skin lacks glow..and I have small holes in my face. Can you please suggest any natural way to get glowing skin?

Sophie and Sucheta,

Once thought of as old wives tales, now there is evidence that eating junk food including sweets, white flour and refined carbs can contribute to acne breakout. Kick that junk food eating habit and your skin will renew. Banish the chocolate and the pimples will vanish.

Even most so called healthy dark chocolate should be avoided. And if you do splurge it should be at least 70% cocoa to get any of the antioxidant benefits. Do drink plenty of pure fresh water daily, green teas, get your omega 3's and 6's, eat fresh organic vegetables, grains and plenty of fiber. Your skin will renew and glow! Beauty starts from within and a holistic approach combining mind, body and spirit will keep you happy and healthy from within and that will shine outwards.

Nili Nathan.

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