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Homemade DIY Facial Toner Cleanses & Anti aging Skin


A homemade facial toner serves a purpose of cleaning impurities from the face. It not only removes environmental impurities that accumulate on the face, it removes excess oil too. It tones the skin by restricting the pores, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles.

If the infection is ongoing, try using an antiseptic facial toner that is based on tea tree oil and aspirin.

Apple Skin Toner

(Courtesy of spaindex.com).

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This toner is an excellent choice for oily skin, and is a great substitute for rubbing alcohol (Check Prices in Nigeria).

Ingredients for Apple Skin Toner

  • 2/3 cup witch hazel
  • 1/3 cup apple vinegar
  • several drops of lavender essential oil (or oil of your choice)

Preparation for Apple Skin Toner

  1. Mix, and add to clean bottle.
  2. Shake bottle well before using, and then dampen a cotton ball or pad saturated with your toner, and swab over face.
  3. Witch hazel is a gentle astringent, apple cider vinegar will help restore your skin’s natural pH balance, and lavender soothes sensitive skin.

Cucumber face toner

Ingredients for Cucumber face toner

  • 1/2 cucumber cut into chunks
  • 1/2 tomato cut into chunks
  • 1/4 of Vodka

Preparation for Cucumber face toner

  1. Use blender or food processor to combine all of the ingredients until the mass is smooths and consistent
  2. Dab it on the face and neck using fingertips
  3. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse off with warm water
  4. Pat dry
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The ingredients in this toner act as astringers that tone your skin and remove the dirt and impurities.

You could store it in a refrigerator in a plastic container with a lid, and use it the next day.

Simple green tea solution

Ingredients for Simple green tea solution

  1. 2 teaspoons of powdered green tea
  2. 1/2 of boiling water

Preparation for Simple green tea solution

  1. Steep green tea in boiling water for 10 minutes
  2. Let it cool and apply it on the face with cotton balls (gauze)
  3. Daily use of this toner is recommended.

Lemony mint face toner

Ingredients for Lemony mint face toner

  • 1 peppermint tea bag
  • 1/4 cup witch hazel
  • 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice
  • 1 cup of boiling water

Preparation for Lemony mint face toner

  1. Steep tea in water for 10 minutes
  2. Discard the bag and allow the liquid to cool down
  3. Add lemon juice and witch hazel and store in a glass jar in the refrigerator
  4. It is recommended you use it daily.
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Watermelon face toner

Ingredients for Watermelon face toner

  • 2 tablespoons of fresh watermelon juice
  • 1 tablespoon of Vodka
  • 2 tablespoons of distilled water

Preparation for Watermelon face toner

  1. Strain the mashed watermelon pieces through a gauze or paper towel. Add other ingredients to this juice, and mix
  2. Use a cotton ball to dip it into the mix and apply on the face.
  3. Rinse off with warm water
  4. This toner could be saved for later use. Keep it in a glass jar and close tightly, and keep refrigerated. It can be used
  5. up to 10 days after it was made.

Our reader Lily sent us these two recipes:

Here are two easy to make toners – one for normal and one for oily/breakout skin

Normal Skin Rose Toner

Ingredients for Normal Skin Rose Toner

  • 16oz witch hazel
  • 1/2 cup dried rose petals
  • 5 sprigs of fresh rosemary

Thanks Lily!

Toners are to be used before hydrating facial masks.

Normal Skin Rose Toner

Normal Skin Rose Toner

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