Flaxseed oil hair benefits - strength, shine and nourishment in a few drops

Flaxseed oil hair benefits include but are not limited to adding shine and strengths, removing dandruff as well as nourishing dry hair. Use hair care recipes with added flaxseed oil benefits.

Known for its anti-oxidant properties and made out of flax seeds (in the picture below), flaxseed oil or linseed oil was cultivated first in Europe for making fiber and flax was considered to be excellent laxative. The Egyptians discovered flaxseed oil benefits for nutritional and medical purposes.

Through we are unsure actually when the therapeutic properties were discovered by the Europeans in the 21st century, the flaxseed oil has proven to be beneficial in yet another concern of womanhood – our hair.

Below is a list of flaxseed oil hair benefits:

➢ Flaxseed hair oil adds sheen and health to your hair. Some people belief that the oil makes your hair grow thicker. While this claim is still scientifically unverified, people still belief it.

➢ Flaxseed hair oil nourishes the internal hair shaft completely and promotes growth from inside out.

➢ For people with dry hair, flaxseed oil is your solution. The oil prevents the formation of dry skin flakes on the scalp and helps to trap the hair follicles with scales on the scalp, which in turn promotes the development of healthy hair.

➢ Another dry hair treatment with flaxseed hair oil is to boil 2 cups of water. When the water simmers, add 2 tbsp of refines flaxseed oil. To this mixture, add the content of one vitamin A capsule and one vitamin E capsule. Mix the solution and let the solution cool a bit. Massage this to your hair and scalp. Keep for few minutes and wash off with shampoo.

➢ Flaxseed hair oil works wonderfully for brittle hair by making it soft and silky. To add more to its effect, include little amount of omega 3 acids in your diet too.

➢ If you have dandruff then massage flaxseed hair oil on your scalp and later wash away with one portion of apple cider vinegar and eight portion of water.

Note: flaxseed oil for hair solution should not be given to children below 12 years of age. Secondly, pregnant women or people suffering from cancer should not use flaxseed oil at all. Also, the oil should never be heated before application, as recommended US Food and Drug Administration Department.

These were your essential flaxseed hair oil benefits. While there are certain side effects of flaxseed when you consume it as part of your diet, those are not mentioned here because there are no side effects yet pertaining to usage as hair oil.

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