Frizzy Hair


I have bad frizzy hair. Is the any natural home remedies that I could try?

Hi Alandria,

Frizzy hair requires nourishment and moisture to recover into its natural state. Here is a page on how to moisturize damaged hair and you can also try some of the homemade hair moisturizer recipes found on this site.

I hope this helps,

Biljana, admin


Frizzy Hair

I have natural curly/wavy frizzy hair I usually blow dry it straight, to minimize the frizz and when I want to show my natural side I wear mousse or hair gel so that my curls won’t be frizzy.

I wonder is there any natural recipe for a mousse, or what can I applied to my hair so the frizz goes away so that I could wear my hair in its natural state not looking frizzy.


Yes, there are some great natural remedies to help reduce frizzy hair and make it healthier. Please follow this link for more information. Hair Care.
Hope this helps,

Biljana, Skin Care Recipes and Remedies Admin


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