Garlic - Natural hair loss remedy

by A Xanthos
(Melbourne, VIC, Australia )

Garlic hair remedies have been know for years as an excellent hair growth and thickener for facial hair (guys) and scalp hair (ladies) it works as the garlic prompondents act as a hair stimulator an has been working over years and years. EXCEPT ON VAMPIRES :) JOKE!

My advice on doing the next steps provided should be done at night before planning on bed time, sometimes the garlic smell is lightly noticeable but shouldn't be that inconvenient!

Easy steps to stimulate hair growth:

Crush decent amount of skinned garlic, as desired for head scalp;
Crush into a smooth paste, like mayonnaise texture;
Apply to the who hair root area of your scalp;
Massage into scalp gently;
Apply, home glad wrap, tightly (however not too tight);
After 20-40 minutes, ensure to wash out garlic from scalp and hair with a scrubbing & massaging motion;
After all has been washed out from your scalp accordingly.

Many males use this homemade treatment from stimulating facial hair hair, for hair skin patches on their beard sections (NOT TO EVER BE APPLIED WHERE WOUNDS ARE OF FACIAL INFECTIONS) applied garlic paste on area of the beard;
After 20- 40 minutes rinse as steps above.

ATTENTION: should you have any reactions, due to being allergic to garlic it obvious not to use or should you receive severe itching and rash discontinue STRAIGHT AWAY you may be too sensitive and not accepting of garlic.

This isn't magic, takes daily application and you could possible receive after a week a fantastic improvement AND HAIR AGAIN in stop growing sections and LADIES THICKER AND FULLER HAIR!

Best wishes in your success.

Hi A Xanthos,

Thanks for the recipe!

Garlic is a potent natural hair loss remedy; you can also use it in combination with other natural ingredients. Check out garlic hair loss remedy with aloe and honey.

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Apr 25, 2011
faster hair growth
by: Anonymous

what can i do to make my hair grow faster and longer in length because right now my hair stops just a little on my shoulder what home remedies can u give me so that my hair can be healthier and longer


Here are a couple of pages with recipes: Vitamin Biotin for hair growth and Homemade essential oils hair growth recipes. I hope these help, Biljana, admin

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