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Natural green tea skin care products are gaining popularity. In addition to the popularity of natural beauty products, many people are also interested in other types of green tea skin products, such as those that can be used for healing cuts and minimizing the appearance of scars.

A third area of interest for botanical products is anti-aging.

You will find numerous products on the market that are made from natural products. Some of the most popular botanicals used in skin care products include:

green tea skin Lavender



Green Tea




Since products of this nature are largely unregulated by the US Food and Drug Administration, claims on the products are sometimes largely unsubstantiated. In most cases, we just have to try these products out and see for ourselves.

However, one of these products, green tea, does have some evidence to back up its claims of rejuvenating the skin and preventing aging. Several studies have shown that green tea anti-oxidants are beneficial to the skin in several ways.

The first important fact about green tea is that its anti-oxidants act as scavengers on abnormal or damaged skin cells. This may be very important to helping protect us from skin cancer. If we can eradicate skin cells damaged by the sun immediately, they are less likely to develop abnormal qualities. Many doctors are now recommending that you wear a green tea moisturizer under your sunscreen. The sunscreen will protect your skin from most of the suns rays, but any that do get through can be mitigated by the green tea.

However, other research has shown that green tea may even be an effective treatment for those who already have cancerous or pre-cancerous skin lesions. One study, performed on mice, showed that not only did green tea seem to scavenge the abnormal cells on the mice that did not have skin cancer, but it also concluded that green tea, whether given orally or topically, slowed the progression of the cancer. In addition, scientists theorize that green tea may be able to actually kill off some of the cancer cells.

Another recent study showed that green tea may also have the ability to provide short term improvement in the skins appearance. The study suggested that green teas anti-oxidants actually have the ability to rejuvenate skin cells resting on the epidermis that are dying. The green tea helps bring the cells back to life for a period, reducing that dull and lifeless appearance skin can have.

It is believed that green tea also has the ability to reduce aging over the long term. Such claims are difficult to prove, because it requires human trials over many years. However, based on the fact that research has shown that green teas anti-oxidants have the ability to scavenge abnormal and dying skin cells, it stands to reason that using green tea regularly over a period of many years would produce a cumulative effect that would be positive for the skins condition and appearance.

Many other botanicals that are used in skin care products do have the ability to perform some helpful functions on the skin. For example, all of the natural ingredients listed above do have anti-oxidants, so they likely are good for the skin, at least to some degree. And many are suited for specific skin ailments.

For example, lavender is calming, and can be helpful in soothing redness and rashes. Lemon is an effective astringent, and is sometimes helpful for especially oily skin. The UK Tea Council published a report outlining the effects of many botanical products and their potential to protect and treat the skin.

But, most of the products containing these ingredients have not been through strenuous laboratory testing, so their effects are undocumented. In addition, some botanical products may not require regulation by the Food and Drug Administration, so they may not meet federal health standards.

Because of the attention that green tea has received due to its likely ability to prevent cancer and other diseases, it has been more widely tested than many other botanicals. It has been widely tested for topical application to see if it has the potential to prevent or treat skin cancer, for example.

So, it is perfectly ok to use botanical products to help with any special skin conditions you are trying to treat. Most botanical products are safe, as long as you do not have an allergy to them. And, they may be helpful at treating some skin conditions and at keeping skin moisturized.

But, if you are looking for the best be in botanical products for the skin, it is likely that green tea has the most potential. It has been more widely tested than other botanicals, and is likely to be of significant benefit, both in improving skins appearance and in preventing aging and skin cancer.

However, since, like other botanical products, green tea products may not have fallen under FDA guidelines, be sure to examine the list of ingredients carefully. You should ensure that green tea products actually contain active anti-oxidants, such as EGCG and theaflavins, before you purchase. Without these important ingredients, the products will likely not provide the benefits you are seeking.

So, give green tea a try for your skin. You may see smoother and brighter skin in the short term, and you may be preventing skin cancer and aging in the long term.

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