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Dry Itchy Scalp Remedies™ by Mia Wadsworth

STOP guessing & find whats causing unbearable burning red itchy scalp or dandruff! Relief In 10 Mins & A Simple Effective Solution.

  • Personal Remedy Online Calculator - create your own powerful hair & scalp remedy for your combination of hair & scalp conditions with our online personalised "Remedy Wizard"
  • Little known triggers that cause scalp irritation or flaking or making your scalp itchy
  • The top ten toxic ingredients hidden in 90% of hair products in common shampoos to look for & avoid - Little known facts such as which ones cause hair growth retardation and hair loss, eye membrane damage, premature aging and scalp rashes.
  • Pictures of scalp conditions for easy identification (including scalp psoriasis pictures)
  • Hair Dyes - fascinating facts and options
  • What causes itchy scalp, dandruff, dry flaky scalp rashes (& diseases of the scalp).
  • Why some treatments can make it worse plus - discover powerful effective natural antidandruff shampoos that work
  • What the medico-pharmaceutical companies DON'T want you to know chemical shampoos versus herbal shampoos and more
  • Why it is no surprise that recent research has shown “psoriasis conditions are likely to be a disorder of the immune system which triggers inflammation and excessive skin cell reproduction." - including scalp psoriasis
  • Foods that aggravate some scalp conditions plus foods that super condition your hair & scalp
  • Remedies from your garden & kitchen
  • FAST relief and cures for itching, burning and redness of your scalp
  • Best natural sensitive scalp shampoos
  • Natural oils for hair growth (super hair growth remedies)
  • Oils for sore painful scalp
  • Natural solutions for dry flaky scalp
  • 10 minute moisturizing home remedy for dry scalp. And many more dry scalp remedies
  • Soothing home remedies for dry itchy scalp
  • and much more...

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    Get Glowing Skin, Vibrant Hair & Soothe Your Scalp with...."10 Minute Home Remedies to Revitalize Your Hair, Scalp & Body"Plus FREE Monthly Newsletter With Hundreds of Rejuvenating HAIR SKIN & BODY Tips

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    Super Hair Growth Inhibitor Recipe™

    The Hair Growth Inhibitor Lotion slows down and reduces the hair growth gradually. This is NOT an overnight miracle hair eliminator, but the continuous use surely eliminates most of unwanted hair. No more painful waxing, shaving or Electrolysis. It is a lot less time consuming, and easy to use. All you have to do is to gently rub in the hair growth inhibitor lotion to your skin before you go to bed, after taking a shower, when you wake up, or anytime you want. That's all it takes!

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    How To Naturally Regrow Lost Hair in 15 minutes a Day™ by Todd Davis

  • How to use a brush and comb to stop hair loss. No, not combing.
  • How to counteract heredity.
  • Do this and anyone who sees you doing it will think you're crazy, but at least you'll have all your hair again.
  • Why your fingernails are extremely important in hair growth!!!
  • This secret little supermarket food that you need for fast hair growth.
  • Why your neck is critical to proper hair growth.
  • How to get much needed oxygen to your scalp fast!
  • A simple gravity trick to speed up hair growth.
  • Plus $147 worth of bonuses

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