Hair fall

by anusha

 hair loss

hair loss

i am 14 yrs old
and i had a lot of long hair when i was 13
but now i have short and less hair because of the hair fall .
i have even consulted the doctor but there was no improvement
i take very good care of my hair but even then there is no improvement
every day even more than 100 hairs fall out of my scalp
pls help me

Hi Anusha,

I have to say you are very cute :)
I would suggest you take a look at the way you eat. Are you getting enough nutrients and especially Vitamin B? Then, are you stressed? Now, here's a practical thing I can suggest that helped me with my hair loss and I hope can help you too: Garlic hair loss remedy. In addition, read up on Biotin, a Vitamin B7 that is essential for healthy nails and hair.

I hope you stop the hair loss,

Biljana, admin

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