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by Paris

that me in the front with the white shirt..when my i loved my hair!!!

that me in the front with the white shirt..when my i loved my hair!!!

well first off I would like to say that I love all your recipes....and cant wait to try them...but my first question is I used to have long beautiful hair and got damaged due to hair coloring and not taking care of also falls out ALOT...and i don't understand why..even when I was taking care of it..every time i combs be alot of hair in the comb..maybe it the products i use..thats why I turning to you..I really wanna grow my hair longer and have a new start..but I am scared to cut off damaged parts of my hair now because I am scared it wont grow back! if u have something for me please help me as i gladdy will appreciate it...

Another question is I wanted to ask if you recommend preparing all the recipes i will need, for example for the week and place them in jars and i use during the week..or u just recommend making the recipe for that exact moment or event.

thank you soo much and keeping making those beautiful recipes as they make our skin healthier

best wishes

Hi Paris,

You still have pretty hair from what I can see :)

It is important that you use hair packs regularly to prevent any further damage. Many of them add nourishment and moisture to the hair, for a healthier looking hair. There are many of them (check out the list of natural hair care recipes) but to get you started, here are a few moisturizing hair pack recipes.

Hair growth can be helped with proper biotin intake but you can always try preparing a hair loss remedy.

To answer your second question: it depends on the recipe. I know, not very helpful, is it? The reason is, different recipes ask for different ingredients and while some you can keep longer if refrigerated (say, body scrub), some, such as those with milk or eggs, can only last a few days. The best way to make sure they are fresh is to use them immediately after you have prepared them and if there is some leftover, make sure they are refrigerated and do a sniff test :) If it smells bad or odd, don't use it, make a fresh batch.

Hope this helps,

Biljana, admin Skin Care Recipes and Remedies

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