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Home remedies for clear skin require a bit of your time and a few commonly found ingredients.

Unblemished skin texture is the dream of many! Current environmental changes like pollution and harmful chemicals in atmosphere effect our overall skin texture drastically. Compare your skin with those who lived at least five to six decades back and you will clearly notice the difference! Surprisingly, those days there were no commercially manufactured skin creams or lotions to depend, all they had were home remedies, which they followed to the T. These home remedies were a mixture of correct food intake and skin treatments. The age old words that we are what we eat surely holds ground even today.

Here we have divided the home remedies for clear skin into 2 sections:

Home Remedies for Clear Skin - Clearing Skin From Outside

Unlike earlier times, what we eat today is not pure as it seems. Heavy dependence on fertilizers and pesticides has lowered the quality of fruits and vegetables. Nevertheless, read the following tips for clearing skin from outside:

- Every morning, have few almonds (roughly broken) with a glass of milk. This not only strengthens your body but also clears the skin from within.
- Separate the egg white from the egg yolk. Use cotton to soak in the egg white and apply on the skin. Let it dry for 10-15 minutes and then wash with lukewarm water.
- Aloe Vera is beneficial for skin as well. In the morning, either you have a glass of aloe Vera juice or buy aloe Vera creams or lotions, which you can apply on the skin directly. However, the juice will be more beneficial as it cleanses the skin from within.
- The main problem with skin is clogged pore, especially when the skin is oily. For this, use oatmeal and water to make paste, apply on the skin, let it dry for 25-30 minutes, and wash off with warm water. Oatmeal soaks away excess oil and leaves clear skin behind. There are also facial steams that you can prepare to cleanse the skin out.
- If acne is the problem, there are tons of remedies for getting acne free skin. Tea tree oil, Ayurvedic herbs, Fullers Earth and others have acne reduction properties.

Best Remedies for Clear Skin - Clearing Skin From Within

Our lifestyle is the main problem that we face today! Skin scars, spots, marks, acne, and others are the results of the way we treat our bodies. The best remedies for clear skin involve taking care of the skin on the outside as well inside. Clearing skin from within has as much importance as clearing the same from outside. Here are some essential tips to clearing skin from within.

- Consume healthy diet regularly. The food you eat makes up your constitution. Stop eating outside food. Home cooked meals are the best for nutrition.
- Once in a while, cleanse your system. Hold fast once in a week; and drink only water. This helps to dispose toxins from the body successfully.
- If possible, go on liquid diet for some days but only after proper guidance from a dietitian. Liquid diet not only returns the shine and glamor to your skin, but also helps you lose weight.

A balanced combination of both sections will give unblemished skin, undoubtedly.

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