Home remedy for acne beneath the skin

by Janeeva

I’ve been dealing with acne since I was a teenager and have found a few things that work well as home remedy for acne beneath the skin.

Cleaning the Skin

Firstly, avoid using soaps because they contain harmful chemicals. While medicated soaps are safe, it is better if you use hand made soaps for acne. One such soap is the tea tree oil soap for acne. Tea tree oil has anti-bacterial properties and thus effective for acne treatment. Simply add tea tree oil essence and exfoliating beads into glycerin melt and pour readymade soap base. If you want, you can add natural fragrance to avoid the strong smell of tea tree oil.

Another homemade soap is the goat milk soap for acne. Buy readymade goat milk soap base and add coconut oil, shea butter, honey, and butter for maximizing acne treatment. Use these soaps for washing face at least twice a day. These cleanse the pores from inside, reduce inflammation and control the development of acne nodes.

Moisturizing the Skin

Usually doctors will tell you to avoid application of moisturizing lotions and creams on you face because they generally contain ingredients which are harmful for acne ridden skin. But what you can definitely do is buy oil free moisturizer that does not clog the skin pores and increase natural skin oil secretion.

An oil free moisturizer will help to soothe the damaged skin and reduce skin irritants. Some of these oil free moisturizers are manufactured along with sunscreen protection; you can use it during the day and another one without sunscreen at night. The amount you apply should be less. Massage the moisturizer properly so that the skin completely soaks it in.

Neem Leaves

A popular and effective natural treatment in Asian countries for acne, the neem leaves contain several positive properties to cure acne within few days. What you need is raw neem leaves. You can buy, if possible, or if you have neem tree around you can pluck few leaves. Soak 5-6 leaves overnight and chew it raw in the morning. Keep a lukewarm glass of water ready to gulp it down instantly after chewing the leaves.

If you cannot manage raw neem leaves, buy supplement pills and consume them according to the instructions provided. However, you should not continue having neem leaves or supplement for more than 2 months at a stretch, give few weeks gap, and then if required, continue again.

Getting rid of acne beneath the skin is a continuous process. You need to concentrate upon controlling oil secretion and make sure not to inflame the acne. The acne boils do hurt a lot and also keep a tab on your diet. If you eat spicy foods more, they will increase acne production. Have normal balanced foods always and treat your acne from within.

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