Home remedy for burns: RED ONION

by Kimberly Moon

NOTE: re: the first Story: it's pretty dramatic and I've found that if I don't tell the whole story, just cut to the chase, people tend not to believe and/or remember the 'miracle' part. I included all of it with 'editable' marked for your convenience.

True Story: I was searing meat and my teenage son was picking pieces out of the skillet. We bumped hands and his touched the 'searing' hot metal.

(STORY OPT: He looked at me so sad, "I know it's gonna be bad, Mama, because it doesn't even hurt yet.")

Nothing helps a burn but I had recently heard "onion" somewhere.* I had a red one for my recipe so I cut a piece and handed it to him.

(EITHER GET TO THE POINT:) Pain stopped instantly and completely. I Jive Not!
(OR FINISH THE STORY:) He took it and hurried back to his room - too old for us to see him cry. A few minutes later I thought I heard him in the living room, "Collin?" "Ma'am?" "How's your finger?" "Oh! Doesn't hurt" I Jive Not! You could've knocked me over with a feather.

We've used all kinds of onion over the years but the strong, red ones are the key. If the burn is not bad, other kinds will also work but you'll need to keep putting fresh pieces on it. If the burn IS bad or it's a little child, a strong red onion is just like any other medicine you have to go get when someone needs it.

My other son and a friend came home sunburned from their first day out on the lake. I went and bought a red onion. I put thin slices on paper towels which they held on their arms legs, backs and face. Each one took less than a minute to stop the pain. (That was so long ago I can't remember if their skin was still red.)

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