Home remedy for mosquito bites... soothe the skin and prevent swelling

Try this home remedy for mosquito bites, it really is soothing and prevents irritation and itching:

Use 2-3 drops of lavender oil or tea tree oil and massage the spot gently.

If there is swelling, mix the two oils and apply on the skin.

If the swelling is getting worse, mix some distilled water with chamomile oil and lavender and soak a towel in it.

Apply on the bite spot.

home remedy for mosquito bitesRepeat this every hour or so until the swelling diminishes.

Mosquito bites itch! Once pierced, the skin reacts by producing histamine (which is also produced when there is an allergic reaction) and it is the body's way of realizing that there is a foreign object present. Histamine makes the skin swell by allowing more blood to flow to the affected area.

To help with itching and reduce the swelling, add a teaspoon of baking soda to a teaspoon of regular, tap water. This mixure should be like a paste. Apply on the affected area.

Insect bites healing balm is a home remedy for any kind of insect bites. It reduces the swelling and redness and helps the skin heal faster.

In order to prevent mosquito bites which are quite annoying, go ahead and try these natural mosquito and natural insect repellents to prevent insects even biting you :)

To prevent insects even getting into the house, place a bowl with vinegar in it in front of the window or door. To prevent mosquito bite, apply some eucalyptus oil on your skin.

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