Homemade bath salts - Budget friendly bath salts recipes

The only downside to making homemade bath salts is that we are too busy to enjoy them! They require us to take a bit of time for ourselves to enjoy their numerous benefits and with how busy our lives are, this seems impossible. Take a break and learn how to make bath salts and indulge in their awesome qualities. They are some of the easiest beauty recipes to prepare.

Epsom salt - the natural healer

Bath salts recipes contain salt as a main ingredient. Not just any salt will do, though. Epsom salt is the one most frequently used due to the heaps of benefits it provides, from relaxing sore muscles, resolving skin problems, to generally releasing toxins accumulated in the body. Epsom salt, or magnesium sulfate, neutralizes the skin and leaves it smooth and soft.

homemade bath salts When I was first learning how to make bath salts, recipes would recommend the use of sea salt. Sea salt has had its minerals removed so it doesn't provide many health benefits. If you want to use sea salt, make sure it is unrefined and still contains the minerals that makes it healthy to use. Your best bet with is to use Epsom salt. It can be found in any grocery store and it is pretty cheap.

Essential oils target a variety of conditions

The next ingredient that makes up homemade bath salts are essential oils. Essential oils can be bought in a health food store or ordered online. There might be a bit of an investment to begin with as they are not cheap but when you buy a good quality essential oil, you get all the ingredients you are looking for in a high quality oil.

Different oils will yield different results and it all depends on what your goal is. Are you looking to relax after a long day? Try lavender or vanilla. Tired and need a boost? Eucalyptus and peppermint oils will give you the boost you need. Stressed? Add Yiang-Yiang oil to your homemade bath salts. To get a better idea which oil to use, check out our list of essential oils used in skin care recipes.

Mix it up a little

Additionally, you can add other ingredients into bath salt recipes. When added to the bath salt, oatmeal neutralizes the skin and its pH and soothes the skin. Baking soda has a similar effect and is often added to these recipes. Rose, lavender and other petals can be added to the mix to infuse their benefits as well as make the salt aesthetically appealing. You can always add color additives if you are looking for a specific color bath salt.

Make sure you store them in a clean glass container and close the lid tightly.

Buy supplies for bath salts


Color additives

Essential oils

Jars and glass containers

Here are some of the easiest to make (and enjoy!) homemade bath salts:

Bath salts recipes - A step by step picture tutorial showing you how I prepare bath salts recipes.

Epsom salt bath salt recipes

Lavender bath salt

How to make bath salts - a two part, step by step video that shows you how easy it is to make homemade bath salts.

Complement your bath salt routine by taking a bubble bath.

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