Honey and Toothpaste

by Kate

I spoke to my sister the other day and she was telling about how she had had problem blackheads around her nose and chin since high school, her friend told her to put Honey on her face. So my recipe is pretty straight forward, go to the market, buy some natural honey - try to use 100% honey, don't go for one that has any additives or anything like that.

Put it on your problem areas, I did my nose and chin like my sis, and my husband did his neck and upper back/shoulders. We left it on for about a half an hour then washed in warm water. It can be a little drying to the skin so be careful if you have sunburn or dry skin and follow up a little while after with a light moisturizer. But this worked a treat and is a great cleanser.

Another tip is again pretty simple, and I learned it from my Great Aunt, if you have spots or pimples that are oily or your prone to breakouts with oily skin try buying some toothpaste - just the white one that is like a paste not the gel - and dab a small amount on each spot before going to bed and then make sure you wash it off in the morning - i went out one day with white dabs of it all over my face :). It dries out and shrinks spots really well, follow up in the morning with a light moisturizer.

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Oct 22, 2008
No toothpaste PLEASE!
by: Katie

All of what you said about honey is true... it simply works wonders for skin! Add it to facial masks, hair rinses, and all that good stuff! :-)
HOWEVER... Please do not put toothpaste on your face, ESPECIALLY if it has fluoride in it!!! Fluoride can cause MAJOR breakouts! In fact, if someone is prone to breakouts on their chin it may be because they are using toothpaste with fluoride. Turmeric is a much better choice for drying blemishes. Just mix a little with enough water to make a paste and dab it on that zit before you go to bed (be sure and lay an old towel on your pillow so you don't get any stains on you sheets). In the morning rinse the remains of the turmeric with warm water. Don't freak out if you have a yellowish stain on you skin... It will come out. Just be gentle with your skin! :-)

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