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Honey foot recipes are just a few of the honey skin care recipes. They could easily become a regular part of foot pedicure routine. Honey is a natural antiseptic that cleanses the skin deeply while keeping in check any possible inflammations and infections.

Your feet bear your weight day in and day out. Your feet can also feel stressed out and tired. When pampering your feet, you can opt for honey foot recipes, recipes for a natural pedicure which helps in elimination of the accumulated toxins and rejuvenation of feet.

This pedicure uses honey in all stages. The honey that you use should be organic and produced locally for best effects. (Vegans can skip on the honey or opt for a little organic agave nectar.)

Foot recipes - All-natural detox

Black tea (fair trade brands): 2 bags

Honey: 1 tea spoon

Lemon: 1 tea spoon

Hot/ warm water: 1 bucket

Mix all the ingredients in hot water. Let your feet soak in it for about ten minutes. Remove the dead skin by using a pumice stone. Then, make a foot scrub as given below.

Honey foot scrub

Hawaiian or any sea salt :1 cup

Honey: 1 teaspoon

Coconut or any oil: 3 table spoons

Mix all the ingredients and then rub them on your feet. Make sure you cover the achy spots too. You can even massage this preparation on your hands too. Use warm water to rinse it off.

Moisturizing salve

Honey: a couple of table spoons (you can find some good deals in the farmers market)

Coconut oil: a couple of tea spoons (alternatively you can try sweet almond oil)

Mix these ingredients in a bowl. When you scrub and detox, you can put the bowl in a bigger vat of warm water to heat the mix. Rub it generously on your feet and keep it on for the next 15 minutes (you can read a book in the mean time). You can even use old socks or saran wrap to wrap your feet up for better results. After fifteen minutes, use warm water and organic soap to rinse off.

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