How to remove skin tags naturally and painlessly

Forget the painful methods involving scissors; learn how to remove skin tags at home painlessly and efficiently. And, before I tell you how to remove skin tags using home remedies, let me give you a quick overview of skin tags.

What are skin tags causes?

Causes of skin tags lie in an abnormal growth of cells. However, skin tags are benign and are not cancerous. They are acquired at some point and found often in people over 60. They can also be found in children and younger adults; there are no real rules who can get them. Increased level of hormones might increase the chance of acquiring skin tags.

Areas of the skin that are susceptible to rubbing (neck, folds, underarms, eyelids, under the breast) are most likely to have skin tags.

What do skin tags look like?

Skin tags (as you can see in the illustration; courtesy of Med help), are a small skin growth that resembles a hanging piece of skin. It is hanging by a piece of tissue called the stalk. They can be the color of the flesh or darker. They are painless and more of an aesthetic issue than a medical one. They can, however, become painful if they constantly rub against the clothes and that is when you might want to consider removing them.

Skin tags can be easily removed either at the doctors office or at home using various home remedies. So, how to remove skin tags?

Picture courtesy University of Utah

I am sure you have heard of the method that involves using scissors or nail clippers to snip the skin tag off. I don't condone this method as it sounds painful and there is always a risk of infection if the instruments you're using are not sterilized.

If you do decide to try this method, please be sure to sterilize everything. Apply hydrogen-peroxide on the skin tag and clean it well; using sterilized scissors (soak them or rub them with alcohol) cut off the skin tag. Apply some iodine on it and put a band aid.

There is also a method of tying the skin tag with an elastic string, thread or dental floss leaving it on for a few days to cut off the blood supply which in turn makes the skin tag shrivel and fall off. Again, too painful for my taste so let's see how to remove skin tags using less painful methods ;)

Dusting spray

Yes, the same one you would use to clean your keyboard. This method is similar to the one doctors use to freeze the skin tag off. Using a canned dusting spray, aim well at the skin tag and spray a few times. It can happen that you might not be able to aim well and in that case, spray some dusting spray on a Q-tip and rub the skin tag. Be careful not to spray the area around the skin tag, the dusting spray will freeze the skin tag and it should fall off within a few days.

Oregano oil

Oregano oil is known as a strong agent that can help fight infections, inflammations, viruses, and bacteria. To use it to remove the skin tags, apply some oil directly on the skin tag using a Q-tip. Repeat several times over the next few days.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is a strong antiseptic and alleged to work well for removing skin tags. Same as with oregano oil: apply tea tree oil with a Q-tip and repeat until the skin tag has started to shrivel, has turned dark, or has become crusty.

Clear nail polish

Clear nail polish can also be used to remove warts. Simply apply some on the skin tag and repeat this a few times.

Apple cider vinegar

Using a Q-tip or a cotton ball, apply apple cider vinegar on the skin tag and leave on for 20 or so minutes. Do not over-do this as apple cider vinegar can irritate the skin. You should notice the difference in the skin tag in a few days.

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