Ingrown hair prevention - stop the ingrown hair before it appears

Ingrown hair prevention tips come in handy considering that women and men occasionally suffer from ingrown hair problem.

In men, facial ingrown hair is also known as pseudofolliculitis barbae. It is a result of a hair that has been cut off by a razor, and curls back into the skin creating a little bump or "razor burn". It is more common in African American males and in men with curly, thick hair.

In women, this problem is present as ingrown leg hair or ingrown pubic hair around the bikini area.

Tips for ingrown hair prevention

  • Direction of shaving
One mistake that both men and women repeat time after time when shaving is the direction in which they shave the hairs off.

Shaving should be performed in a direction of the hair growth not against it. Use this direction every time you shave. This way, the new hair growing is straight and will penetrate the skin easier and will prevent the creation of ingrown hair. Never shave so close to the skin that you actually cause friction between the skin and the razor. This irritation may worsen the skin bumps or create new ones.

If you missed a few hairs while shaving, go back and shave in the downward direction, not opposite. Don't go back more than once.

  • Exfoliate the skin before shaving

Before shaving your face, make sure you use a facial exfoliant. It will slough off the dead skin cells and open up the pores. This allow the hair to leave the underlying skin layer and not get back in.

If you have a couple of minutes after you take a shower, exfoliate your whole body using simple to make body scrub recipes. For any body exfoliant or body scrub to work, they have to be applied after taking a shower. This is when the skin is moist and they show best effects. They rejuvenate your skin and help it become softer and better moisturized, all of which prevents razor burns.

  • Invest in a good razor

Invest in a good quality razor. It will be your best friend because it will aid ingrown hair prevention when used. Make sure it has a moisturizer of some kind built in above the blade to provide for smooth shaving. Change it often.

  • Always use a shaving gel

Shaving gel reduces the friction between the razor and the skin. See if you can find one that has aloe vera in it. Aloe vera is soothing and will certainly prevent skin irritation.

If you do encounter a problem of ingrown hair, there are available at home ingrown hair remedy tips that can be of help.


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