Jojoba oil - Benefit of jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is widely used in preparation of skin care recipes. A good fruit facial mask contains jojoba oil which nourishes the skin and leaves it smooth and velvety. Benefit of this oil are known in hair growth and also nail growth.

What Exactly Is Jojoba Oil And Why Is It Used So Much In Skin Care Products

Back in 1822, a small shrub was discovered in the desert near Baja California by a botanist named H. F. Link. Mr. Link named this new plant after a fellow botanist from the U.K. named T. W. Simmonds. The proper named of the Jojoba plant is Simmondsia chinensis. It wasn't until after the U.S. banned whale hunting that this plant started to be cultivated. Up until then, the oil of whales was used in skin care products and cosmetics. After the ban, much research was done to find more suitable replacements for the skin and hair care industries.

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The oil is wonderful for people who suffer from sensitive skin conditions, including psoriasis and eczema. It helps soften your skin and when applied to your hair will increase its shine.

It is also known to help reduce wrinkles and other lines associated with aging. In addition, it helps promote the growth of new skin cells. It even has some anti-bacterial qualities too.

Because of these amazing properties, there is no wonder it is being used in the manufacturing of all kinds of hair products, replenishing skin care products, wrinkle reduction treatments, acne control products and even cosmetics. You can find the oil for sale individually too. A 4 oz bottle can be purchased for as little as $8 and can be used to make your own moisturizing cream at home.

Take your favorite essential oil, such as lavender, and add 40 to 50 drops to a 4 oz bottle. Apply to liberally to your skin and rub until it has been absorbed.

The Jojoba plant was an important and necessary discovery. Its amazing properties help people all over the world look better, feel better about themselves and helps people who suffer from debilitating skin conditions. If you purchase it, look for organically grown Jojoba oil and make sure it is pressed and not chemically extracted.
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Although it is most commonly used as a carrer oil, it is a great addition to any recipe aimed at reducing skin dryness. In this winter facial recipe, it adds nourishment and locks in moisture so the skin is left refreshed and supple.

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