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Large open pores


I have completely lost confidence due to bad skin and hair. By profession I’m into computers but I do nothing for my skin. Nothing means nothing. I am 34 yrs old, married since 12 years and mother of 6 yrs baby. Since my college time I had oily and pimply skin. Now I don’t get pimples but I have very big open pores all over face. On my full chin I have permanent and small boils like closely visible. Some say due to dandruff and some say because I have PCOD medical problem. I don’t even use sunscreen regularly. Only since few days I have started with Olay. Major problem is I don’t understand the products to be used, clear steps of skin care. I want in one line what should I use. One skin expert by chance met me and said my skin has started becoming thicker due to PCOD. Since 4 months my periods have become regular by taking metphormin. Pigmentation has also started on some areas. Please suggest me properly what to do.

Large open pores

Large open pores

Also I had long very thick wavy hair, which had now turned to thin short hair. Also I have dandruff problem. I now use nizral for dandruff and sunsilk yellow.

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Hello, thank you for your question. I would suggest you follow a natural based skin care routine that is simple to use. This 4 step skin care routine will show you how to clean, tone, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin. This will gently remove excess oil and impurities that clog pores – which leads inflammation and pimples – and clean the skin to help prevent future inflammation and pimples.

If you’re experiencing excess pigmentation due to your hormonal medication, you should speak to your doctor, as he might have to adjust your dosage or start you on another medication. Metformin is generally very good drug in dealing with PCOD and I’m not aware that excessive skin pigmentation is a normal side effect. But hormonal imbalances can lead to this condition. You should have a hormonal blood test done and work with your doctor in obtaining a balance. This will also help immensely with your oily skin problem.

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