Lighten hair naturally with lemon juice

by Lauren

Hi :]

I've heard of ways to lighten hair naturally with lemon juice but I've never tried it before...

And I was wondering if you knew if it worked well and how much of difference it will make (my hair is blondishy brown and instead of in between I'd like to be definitely blonde). And how should I go about doing it?

Also will the lemon juice damage my hair, it's quite healthy at the moment but lemon juice is acidic so I wasn't sure...

Thank you

Hello Lauren,
Thanks for your email. Lemon juice can help lighten your hair, but you will need to be in the sun each time you do this. Unless you live in the tropics, lemon juice will not be very effective.

If you want to give this a try in the summer, just pour the juice of one lemon juice into a spray bottle with 1-2 cups of water. Spray your hair and sit in the sun until it gets lighter. Please keep in mind that this could dry out your hair a bit too.

Also see home remedies to lighten hair.



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