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Normally, lip care is pretty effortless. We take care of our teeth, apply lip balm or lipstick and we are good to go. But, there are times when our attention shifts, usually when we realize we feel pain, or find an inflammation of some kind on our lips.

There are a couple of things about lips you should know in order to get the best lip care you can.

Similar to body care basics the first rule should be HYDRATE.

Like other parts of our body, the skin of the lips is made of epidermis and dermis. However, unlike the other parts of the body, the dermis of the skin on the lips doesn't have any hairs or sweat gland. What this means is that this area is directly exposed to the environmental conditions with almost no protection. The lubrication is absent and often is a cause of chapped lip or even severely chapped lips.

This fact means that we need to rehydrate or lubricate the lips ourselves.

Tips that help:

  • Drink plenty of water, thoroughly hydrate your skin, including lips.
  • Avoid harsh weather. If this is impossible, make sure you always protect your lips by applying a lip balm.
  • Try using the lip balms regularly. If you wait until you have chapped lips, the recovery will take longer.
  • Try not to lick your lips or remove the skin with your fingers. It irritates the skin, and slows down any efforts we invest in lip care.
  • Make sure you take vitamin supplements. Often, cracks in the corner of the mouth indicate a deficiency of Vitamin B2.

Start off with a lip scrub recipe:


  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • 1 teaspoon of baking soda
  • Olive oil

Mix honey and baking ingredients until the mass resembles a paste.
Apply the mix on your lips and leave it on for a couple of minutes.
Gently rub the lips.
Wash of with lukewarm water

Let the lips dry out and then apply olive oil. It will help the lips hydrate.

There is also a recipe that is very simple, too. Apply unsalted butter on your lips occasionally. That's it. It has the same effect as the olive oil.

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