Loose facial skin

by Ash

Hi, My skin around the face is loose nowadays. What is the solution to tighten
the skin?

Dear Ash:

Unfortunately, I don't believe there is much to do about this situation short of surgery. But, a solution of egg whites smoothed on the face and left to dry, then rinsed with warm water is helpful. There is also success with a treatment of facial acupuncture. From what I understand from my acupuncture friends, it only lasts about a day. A good quick fix for a special night out. Sometimes it is easier said than done, but --- embrace your beauty at every stage of life.

Take Good Care of Yourself,


Note: Ash, here are a couple of recipes that contain egg whites:

Avocado mask which is good for dry skin that needs moisture.

Exfoliating skin mask that removes dead skin cells and allows new, healthy skin to emerge.

I hope this helps!

Facial Gymnastics - A complete Facelift in 7 Days Without Surgery

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