Marlene's Evening Primrose Cream

by Marlene Pegler
(Lake Arrowhead, CA)

Marlene's Evening Primrose Cream

1/4-Cup Evening Primrose Oil
2 Tablespoons Coconut Oil
2 Tablespoons Beeswax
1 teaspoon Lanolin
1/4-Cup Aloe Vera Juice
1-Tablespoon Vegetable Glycerin
3 Tablespoons Hydrosol of your choice (I used Lavender Hydrosol)
1/4 teaspoon Borax
2 Small Vitamin E (drain the vitamin E from the capsules)
8 Drops Lavender Essential Oil
8 Drops Rose Essential Oil
8 Drops Geranium Essential Oil
8 Drops Rosemary (Chemo Type Verbanon) Essential Oil
6 Drops Sweet Orange Essential Oil

In a double-broiler, melt Beexwax, Lanolin & Coconut Oil. When most of these oils are melted, mix in Evening Primrose Oil.

In separate pot, combine Vegetable Glycerin, Hydrosol and Aloe Vera Juice, warm, then add Borax, stir until borax is dissolved, but do not boil!

Let both cool until each are about the same temperature. After cooling a bit, with a hand mixer or a stick blender, slowly add liquid mixture to oil mixture.

After the liquid and oil mixtures are thoroughly blended, add essential oils and vitamin E.

Makes about 1 cup of cream. Pour into containers and let cool before capping.

**This cream absorbs very fast into the skin … does not leave an oily feel on skin and smells wonderful!!

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May 14, 2011
About "Marlene's Evening Primrose Cream"
by: Marlene Pegler

I made 4 oz. of this cream and keep it in the refrigerator until I use it (I use it daily). I've had it far more than 3 days ? actually, I've had it more than 30 days and no "creepy crawlers" have invaded. As mentioned in a previous post. Vitamin E is a natural preservative.

I wouldn't recommend storing it outside the refrigerator because Evening Primrose Oil is known to have a short shelf life.

Apr 20, 2011
by: Anonymous

Where is the preservative in this cream? When no preservative is used the cream can be used maximum for 3 days because nasties will grow.

Vitamin E, contained in this recipe already, is often used as a natural preservative for homemade skin care products.

Hope this helps,

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