Oily Skin and Dark acne scars on face

by Sarah
(Sterling Heights, MI, USA)

I'd like to know how to get clean CLEAR SKIN by getting rid of acne scars and other dark spots on my face and body...I used to have clean clear skin but all of a sudden I'm noticing at the beginning of summer that I've these dark spots on my oily face and dark spots (like age spots) on my hands and rest of the body. I'm of East Indian descent and has a very oily face...Can you give me a home remedy that is really effective to get rid of oily skin on my face and also the dark spots on my body...thanks in advance.


There is a natural supplement - d-Calcium Pantothenate - that is derived from vitamin B5 and it helps reduce oil production. Studies show that people with excess oil production are deficient in this supplement. Follow this link for more information on Oily Skin Tips.

For age spots and brown spots, follow this link to Skin Spots for more information and natural tips.

Hope this helps,
Linda, admin Wrinkle Free Skin Tips

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