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by Suchitra

I read in some magazine about treating spots on face with lavender oil but I am not sure how to use it. I am not aware of its side effects and all that. I have an oily type of skin. Please let me know if I can use the oil on my type of skin and directions on how to use it or any combination of oils that are necessary...

Hi Suchitra,

I am not sure what kinds of spots you are talking about but what I can recommend as far as lavender oil is to use it in a facial steam since you have oily skin. Here's the recipe for lavender oil facial steam. So, this recipe will help remove some of the excess oil and open up the pores so that the impurities can come out easily. You can read more about lavender oil and its effects here. When it comes to other oils, peppermint oil is also recommended for oily skin, also as a part of the facial steam.

To treat oily skin further, you need something that will remove the greasiness and control the oiliness of the skin which usually means ingredients that absorb the oils well. Try preparing a yeast facial mask. Yeast is excellent for oily skin.

I hope this helps,

Biljana, Skin Care Recipes and Remedies admin.

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