Oily skin with Clogged pores


I've been reading all the home recipes for facial steams and exfoliants, but it seems impossible to find one for me.

Here is how my skin works:
Oily Oily forehead, nose, cheeks under eye, chin BUT
DRY on my cheeks

Blackheads on the nose and chin
Clogged pores on my forehead
Occasional pimple on forehead or chin

Rosacea diagnosed (currently using Rosula Wash sulfur base and Azalex Cream)

I know this is a bit much but I need help!! I have seen dermatologists, purchased their prescriptions, gone to aesticians, purchased their products, and I've tried numerous over the counter products and nothing works! Well--it'll seem to show improvement for the next month, BUT then it goes back to the way it was. I don't even know what to do! I am thinking these chemical peels and products are not for me; perhaps easy, affordable home remedies is my calling? I honestly cannot afford those products nor disappointment each time anymore.

Any insight would be appreciated!

Thanks for hearing me out,

Hi Mary,

Sometimes the products we use to eliminate or reduce oil causes even more oil to be produced and this leads to clogged pores. When pores get blocked, then it traps oil, dead skin and bacteria in the hair follicles.

In normal healthy skin the sebaceous glands that are attached to the hair follicles secrete sebum oil which travels up the follicle and spread out onto the skin, keeping it moist and healthy.

But in the case of oily skin with breakouts, the hair follicle is blocked -- so the oil can’t get out and then blackheads form due to the oxidized oil. Try using a gentle homemade scrub of baking soda. Use this daily – very lightly over the entire face (avoid under eye area) and use a gentle cleanser – nothing harsh or over drying.

Also, consider taking the mineral zinc (15 mg – 30 mg) per day -- for healthy skin and a special vitamin B5 supplement that helps reduce excess oil production from within the body - before it has a chance to spread up into the pores and cause breakouts and blackheads. You can read more about this innovative supplement here Treating Oily Skin

Hope this helps,
Linda, Admin Wrinkle Free Skin Tips

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